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Your Hotel Staffing Budget

What hotel staffing model is right for you?  Plan for the worst to get the best results.

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2018 is right around the corner.  Most mangers are finalizing their Staffing Model and budget for the new year.  2017 was a tumultuous year for the hospitality industry.  Major weather events showed that events that impact one region severely can impact regions untouched.  While you may not be able to plan for disasters in the future, you can help prepare your hotel for the highs and lows that might come with severe hurricanes or other natural disasters.  Here are 5 ways supplemental staffing (sometimes called temp staffing) can help hotels ride these highs and lows.

1.)  Greater Flexibility

A staffing model such as supplemental staffing can help you shrink and grow your staff to fit the needs of your organization at a specific time.  This may mean cutting staff after an event or adding staff.  However, supplemental labor gives you the opportunity to control your spend with room usage.  It can also help reduce the cost of serving your customers.  In addition, if a disaster does hit, reducing your staff is less costly in terms of unemployment payments.  These are hotel staffing models you should consider to use now in your hotel staffing budget for 2018.

2.)  On-demand Hiring

Hospitality is often unpredictable making planning a hotel staffing budget difficult.  This can be due to weather or an array of other issues.  Needing to add staff and do it quickly can be hard to predict.  This is especially true when budgeting 6 months to a year in advance of that need.  Contingent labor helps to meet that need when it arises.  After all, meeting demand for your property should be a good problem.  A great hotel staffing model, supplemental staffing, helps get you there.

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hotel staff planning​3.)  Staying Compliant

Remaining compliant should be in the budget for 2018.  Safety concerns along with immigration law are major compliance issues for 2018.  Staffing companies like HSS are well versed in compliance issues and can help avoid costly mistakes in the future.  They can also help ensure that safety is a top priority with workers.  This can help avoid workers comp claims.  Compliance issues are not often (but should be) considered in a hotel staffing budget.

4.)  Broader Pool of Talent

Staffing companies can also help you tap into a broader pool of talent when the need arises.  In today’s challenging hiring environment, reaching potential employees can be costly.  By planning to work with a staffing company in your 2018 hotel staffing budget you can reduce or even eliminate the cost of reaching new pools of workers.

hotel staffing​5)  Often Unseen Savings

Downtime costs, costs due to low customer ratings, recruiting, hiring and on boarding — these are all hidden costs that are often not planned for in a hotel staffing budget.  In a disaster recovery situation  these costs can spiral out of control.  Working with a staffing firm reduces these costs both during a disaster and in the ramp up afterwards.  A staffing firm also offers these savings during normal operations.

In planning you hotel staff budget for 2018, its worth considering supplemental staffing as a way to add stability to your outlook in 2018.  If you are in a disaster prone area or have felt the ripple effects of a disaster, a supplemental staffing model can help you plan for these unpredictable highs and lows in the future.

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