How HSS Can Help with H2B Visas and more…


For seasonal hotels and resorts, staffing is a major challenge.  While many hotels and resorts have traditionally use H2B Visas, this source of workers has been significantly reduced recently.  While H2Bs remain a viable source for many hotels and resorts, HSS has step up to offer a combination of services that can help create a viable staffing strategy.

Unique Position

HSS is uniquely positioned to work with hotels and resorts with a seasonal employment challenge.  We simply have the broad range of experience through our nationwide footprint to offer a wide range of solutions that have worked for our clients nationwide.  We find that seasonal employment challenged are solved either through one of these solutions or a combination.

H2B Visas

HSS has been engaged for many years in the Payroll and Administrative Services of H2B Visa workers, helping our clients manage the acquisition of Visa workers and managing them through the life-cycle of employment.

As the largest supplier of staffing to the hospitality industry nationwide, HSS is in a unique position to hotels and resorts find staff the H2B Visa and through alternative channels.

Other Options

HSS offers options that can be used in combination with H2B programs to help staff seasonal or hard-to-reach properties.  These include our Puerto Rico Recruiting Program and our National Recruiting Pool Program.

H2B Visas
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