Full Department Outsourcing

A turn-key solution for properties to raise standards and lower costs.

A Full Range of Managed Hospitality Services

HSS provides outsourced services for housekeeping, janitorial and other specialty services. We work with our clients to provide a seamless service that meets their quality standards efficiently.  Our nationwide pool of talent ensures access to qualified workers is never an issue.

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We offer…



Our standard operating procedures and methodologies ensure savings without sacrificing quality.



From recruitment to training to ongoing service, we strive for the highest quality in all that we do.



Our high standards for compliance and safety ensure healthy operations for our clients.

One of the Leading Hospitality Outsourcing Companies

Our outsourcing service offers an array of benefits including

  • Improved guest satisfaction
  • Minimal turnover and call-offs
  • Focus on compliance and risk mitigation
  • Quality talent and grassroots recruiting
  • Reliable and responsive field service
  • Improved ROI and cost savings
  • Reduction in direct wages and benefits
  • Reduction in cost for recruiting, training, and turnover
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Worker’s Compensation costs and savings
  • Savings on recruiting costs
  • Savings on training costs
  • Reduced legal claims & liability costs

Exceptional Service

We combine cultural standards with our best practices to create exceptional service experiences. We consistently train to the 10/5 rule, property knowledge, and standards of guest greeting.

Integrating your service brand culture with our business culture is standard operating procedure. We’ve adopted Forbes Diamond Service Standards, as well as quality audit standards further contributing to the excellent service we offer on a consistent basis.

Our Priorities

A commitment to proven processes, continuous improvement, and consistent monitoring of quality.



Exceptional training, passionate service, and superior results form the foundation of our success.

quality audit

Quality Audits

A persistent drive toward perfection to meet and exceed the standards of our clients and their customers.



Streamlining our process for speed, accuracy and efficiency.



We create an environment where employees are compliant with safe practices.

The Outsourcing Organization

Our team is shaped by our customers needs. With a dedicated team overseeing the processes of outsourcing, it is our goal to leverage our experience and talent to best serve clients.

Proven Processes

We’ve developed processes that bring exceptional service to our clients while maintaining efficiency.

From Prep to Clean™

Our From Prep to Clean™  Process provides not only efficiency in cleaning but consistency that is unmatched in quality and timeliness. Our certified From Prep to Clean trainers teach all housekeepers our process from beginning to end, focusing on quality standards and constant improvement.

This process allows us to deliver:

  • Efficiency
  • Quality
  • Timelines
  • Exceptional Service
Maintenance Reporting

Our housekeeping staff reports and documents maintenance problems from all rooms. As part of our inspection process reporting any maintenance issues becomes second nature and helps the engineering team identify condition trends in rooms.

Inspect 360™

All supervisors are expertly trained to ensure that every room is up to standard and are guest-ready. If a room is not ready, the supervisor will correct it or bring the housekeeper back for a learning/training opportunity. Random inspections of the supervisors are also conducted by management to ensure the highest level of quality.