Restaurant Cleaning

A full range of services tailored to the needs of restaurants.

Meeting Today’s Cleaning Challenges

The food service industry is challenged with providing consistently clean kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms for customers and employees to stay safe. Through its parent company KBS, HSS works as a national partner providing comprehensive cleaning services in both front and back of house areas that raise standards and lower costs at scale.

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A Tailored Solution

HSS provides cost-effective nightly kitchen cleaning services that keep restaurants clean and sanitized by the trained personnel who have established processes to clean and disinfect food service facilities nationwide. We also provide an array of nightly janitorial and restaurant cleaning services for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and outdoor areas.

Deep Expertise

As one of the nation’s leading restaurant cleaning providers, our teams are specially trained in the full cleaning, degreasing, and breaking down of kitchen cooking equipment of all varieties.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Using only the highest quality degreasers and cleaning chemicals, our teams clean, break down and degrease hotlines, prep lines, back lines, bakery stations and other kitchen areas. We also clean hoods and filters, display kitchens, walls and ceilings.

Floor Cleaning Services

HSS offers nightly cleaning of restaurant kitchen floors, mats, and baseboards. We place special attention on cleaning under cooking equipment, prep tables, expo and serving lines, and refrigeration equipment. We also clean and sanitize the drains.

Front of House Cleaning

In the front of house, HSS teams move tables and chairs then vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors thoroughly, clean all baseboards, table bases, wood polishing, dust horizontal surfaces, high dust vents and beams, dust windowsills, lampshades and pictures.
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