Dedicated to Safety 

HSS puts the safety of its workers, clients, and their guests first. 

Our dedicated safety team provides training to our staff nationwide and keeps up to date on the latest rules and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels.  Our team also keeps track of the latest trends that can impact safety.  

This dedication to safety is one of the many reasons why HSS has been able to maintain a strong reputation among hospitality clients and workers for over 30 years.   

Our Strengths in Safety 

- Dedicated Training Program 

- National Safety Team 

- Established Safety Protocols 

- Partnerships with Clients 

Why Is Safety So Important in Hospitality 

While the hospitality industry may not appear to be a dangerous industry, safety is still an important aspect of staffing in hospitality.  Workers in hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality venues should be trained in an array of safety protocols and accident prevention including the handling of dangerous chemicals, prevention of repetitive stress injuries, safe handling of equipment, sex trafficking, and active shooter scenarios.  Prioritizing safety helps protect contract workers, staff, and guests. 

A System of Safety 

The HSS Risk Management Team provides a comprehensive system for training, tracking, and managing incidents that occur. This allows us to ensure that issues are resolved quickly and thoroughly, and protocols are adjusted as needed.  In addition, HSS employs rigorous background checks and drug testing so that employees are vetted thoroughly before they are deployed to properties. 

An Important Difference in the Market 

The priority that we put on safety makes HSS a different partner for contract staffing.  We work with hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and an array of other hospitality clients as partners in safety.  This includes tailoring programs to fit specific client protocols to creating programs and protocols for client properties.  We serve as a valuable resource for our clients 

That’s why we invest in comprehensive training, continuously innovate solutions that allow us to track and manage incidents, and prioritize clear communication with the businesses we serve. If you are looking for a hospitality staffing partner that is committed to your success—and ensuring the safety of everyone at your facility, contact our team to discuss your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is worker safety of contract labor the responsibility of the hotel or the staffing company?

While HSS certainly plays an important role in training and preparing our staff to work onsite, the hotels are also responsible – and liable. 

Our hotel has its own safety protocols. Can HSS work with us to implement those protocols?

Absolutely. HSS continuously partners with brands, management companies, and individual properties to implement protocols. We also have a dedicated Safety Team that trains and monitors our personnel to ensure they are up to our high internal standards and the standards of individual brands and properties.  

Do HSS safety protocols only protect workers or do they encompass other aspects of safety?

While the welfare of your workforce is critical, guest safety and satisfaction is also important. It is critical that anyone working at your property is trained in proper safety protocols. This protects them and guests. Guest safety impacts satisfaction scores and also protects your property from bad publicity and legal action.  

How do safety protocols protect guests?

In many ways. The proper storage and disposal of cleaning agents and chemicals, for instance, ensures safety and improved air quality for guests and workers alike. Proper labels and signage of recently cleaned floor surfaces help to reduce the risks of tripping and falling. Protecting guests during fires, earthquakes, severe weather events, or active shooter incidents requires the advanced safety training that HSS provides. 

Does using contract labor shield my property from workers’ comp claims and OSHA investigation?

No. Both the hotel and HSS are responsible. However, training workers in safety best practices and informing clients and site managers about any liability they could face if something does happen. Doing so can help reduce worker injuries, and as a result, lower workers’ comp claims.

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