There are several benefits of working with a staffing agency such as Hospitality Staffing Solutions.  I’ll give you my top three.

More Hotel Choices

Instead of working for a company with one location, you are working with, in the case of HSS, the largest hospitality staffing company in the country. So let’s say, for example, you are working directly for a hotel and they decide to cut back on your hours, or even to let you go, chances are that they will not be able to help you find work at another location near you.  With HSS, most of the time, you are working in an area where we have many hotels that we staff for.  So if the above situation happened, we would be able to move you to another nearby location and you can continue working without any interruption.

The possibility for advancement

If you start out working as a housekeeper and you do a great job, we will be looking for ways to promote you to a higher position such as a front desk agent, or an executive housekeeper, there are even cases where we have promoted someone working for one of our hotels to working directly for HSS on the corporate side!


Not all direct hotel jobs will offer benefits to their employees, but HSS offers benefit plans to all our full time employees!  The option to have health insurance (health, vision, dental) for yourself and your family is a tremendous value that most hourly jobs will not offer.  In addition, HSS offers an optional retirement plan.


Hospitality Staffing Solutions offers hotel jobs in areas across the country.  To fill out an application visit our website.  We are looking forward to working with you.

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