Press Release: Kellermeyer Bergensons Services Acquires Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Press Release: Kellermeyer Bergensons Services Acquires Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Kellermeyer Bergensons Services Acquires Hospitality Staffing Solutions

 Oceanside, CA – January 13, 2020 – Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (“KBS”), a leading provider of technology-enabled, integrated facility management services, today announced its acquisition of Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC (“HSS”). HSS was previously owned by Littlejohn Capital in partnership with Caymus Equity Partners.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, HSS is a leading provider of outsourced housekeeping and related services to the hospitality sector in the United States. With operations in 38 states and Puerto Rico, HSS provides a comprehensive suite of services, including housekeeping, food service, laundry, and groundskeeping, as well as outsourcing solutions for day-to-day management responsibilities, including hiring, training, and payroll. Founded in 1990, the company currently supports more than 1,000 properties in 75 markets.

“This combination represents a significant step forward for both KBS and HSS,” said Mark Minasian, Chief Executive Officer of KBS. “HSS is already the market leader in hospitality services, and joining forces with KBS further enhances its service offering, scale, and technology capabilities. Together, KBS and HSS can offer hospitality customers an unparalleled suite of high-quality, tech-enabled solutions tailored to their business needs.”

Tim McPherson, President and Chief Executive Officer of HSS, added: “We are excited to begin this next phase of growth with KBS. Today, HSS is a trusted partner to hotel, casino, and resort operators, providing the highest quality of staffing and related managed services. With KBS’s differentiated technology and national reach, we will be able to further build on our industry-leading platform to the benefit of our customers nationwide.”

KBS was acquired by an affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (“Cerberus”), a global leader in alternative investing, in November 2019. This transaction represents its first strategic acquisition completed in partnership with Cerberus.

Robert Warden, Co-Head of Private Equity at Cerberus, commented: “Major operators in the hospitality industry want to work with large, compliant, tech-enabled providers that can provide a suite of essential services at scale. Together, we believe KBS and HSS will be a clear partner of choice for existing and new customers. We look forward to supporting the future growth and success of the combined platform and selectively identify additional acquisitions that can further enhance the company’s success.”

Going forward, Mr. McPherson will serve as President of HSS and continue to operate the business under KBS’s proven model for integrating successful businesses. “I very much look forward to working closely with Tim and the best-in-class team at HSS,” concluded Mr. Minasian. “As a division of KBS, Tim and his team will benefit from alignment with KBS while also enjoying operating flexibility and autonomy to continue to do exactly what has made them so successful – delivering superior, reliable services to the hospitality industry.”

 About KBS
Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (“KBS”) is a leading North American provider of technology-enabled, integrated facility management services to the industrial, commercial, logistics, retail, and hospitality sectors. With more than 64,000 active customer locations in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, KBS sets the industry standard for delivering consistently high-quality and cost-effective facility service solutions. For more information on Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, please visit www.kbs-services.com.

About Hospitality Staffing Solutions
Founded in 1990 in Atlanta, Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC (“HSS”) proudly claims a leading market share at the world’s leading hotel brands and management companies, and looks to continue its expansion into new geographies through organic expansion of its branch office network, strategic acquisitions, and further development of its service capabilities. Hospitality Staffing Solutions earned the 2019 Best of Staffing Client Award for service excellence based on client ratings. Learn more about Hospitality Staffing Solutions at www.hssstaffing.com.

About Cerberus
Founded in 1992, Cerberus is a global leader in alternative investing with over $40 billion in assets across complementary credit, private equity, and real estate strategies. We invest across the capital structure where our integrated investment platforms and proprietary operating capabilities create an edge to improve performance and drive long-term value. Our tenured teams have experience working collaboratively across asset classes, sectors, and geographies to seek strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors. For more information about our people and platforms, visit us at www.cerberus.com.



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Our Customer Survey

Our Customer Survey

Every year, HSS participates in a survey of our customers so that we can improve on our service.  While we primarily do these surveys to see where we can improve, a side result is seeing customer testimonials come in

We’re happy to say that Hospitality Staffing Solutions has a 4.5 star rating from its clients displayed live on its profile page for clearlyrated.com

We’re looking to building on this in the future.  Staffing can be challenging today, but we’ve never let that stand in the way of putting our clients’ needs first and being a partner in their success!


Limits on H2B Visas

Limits on H2B Visas


U.S. Immigration has reached its cap on H-2B Visas.  Although H-2B’s are one strategy for staffing seasonal properties (HSS actually offers services in this area), there are other opportunities to staff properties including recruiting from Puerto Rico as well as national staffing models.  Here’s the press release from USCIS:

WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has reached the congressionally mandated cap on H-2B visas for temporary nonagricultural workers for the first half of fiscal year 2020.

Nov. 15 was the final receipt date for new cap-subject H-2B worker petitions requesting an employment start date before April 1, 2020. USCIS will reject new cap-subject H-2B petitions received after Nov. 15 that request an employment start date before April 1, 2020.

USCIS continues to accept H-2B petitions that are exempt from the congressionally mandated cap. This includes the following types of petitions:

  • Current H-2B workers in the U.S. petitioning to extend their stay and, if applicable, change the terms of their employment or change their employers;
  • Fish roe processors, fish roe technicians, and/or supervisors of fish roe processing; and
  • Workers performing labor or services in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands and/or Guam from Nov. 28, 2009, until Dec. 31, 2029.

U.S. businesses use the H-2B program to employ foreign workers for temporary nonagricultural jobs. Currently, Congress has set the H-2B cap at 66,000 per fiscal year, with 33,000 for workers who begin employment in the first half of the fiscal year (Oct.1 – March 31) and 33,000 (plus any unused numbers from the first half of the fiscal year) for workers who begin employment in the second half of the fiscal year (April 1 – Sept. 30).

For more information, H-2B petitioners can visit the Cap Count for H-2B Nonimmigrants page.

For more information on USCIS and our programs, please visit uscis.gov or follow us on Twitter (@uscis), Instagram (/uscis), YouTube (/uscis), Facebook(/uscis), and LinkedIn (/uscis).

Is Outsourced Housekeeping an option for your Hotel?

Is Outsourced Housekeeping an option for your Hotel?

By Luke Lindahl, Senior Vice President of Operations.

Hss Solutions


Outsourced Housekeeping

In my role, I get to meet with General Managers and Executive Housekeepers every day that struggle with the same problem, how to keep enough Housekeepers on staff to meet the hotel’s labor demands. Many times, the discussion of Full Outsourcing or “Housekeeping in a Box” or “Turnkey Housekeeping” comes up, and I wanted to share some key learnings that I’ve experienced at HSS that help me have those conversations.

First, outsourcing means different things to different people. Sometimes “Outsourcing” means supplemental staffing, and sometimes it means getting the majority/all of your staff from a staffing company for the housekeeping department. And sometimes it means letting another company run your housekeeping department (including the Housekeeping Manager). Whichever definition “Outsourcing” means to you, really, it’s just different levels permanent hotel staff on your payroll vs a staffing company.

Second, is a change like this permanent? The answer is no, sometimes what might start as supplemental staffing, might grow to a full outsourcing based on the needs of the hotel. Also, what starts as full outsourcing can move to a majority staffing situation if the right manager is hired directly by the hotel. The true test of a good staffing company partner is one that feels comfortable moving their model around based on the hotel’s needs.

And lastly, what are the benefits to each of these models. In my opinion, the main benefit is reduced management distraction. I tell customers all the time, and I 100% believe it. You focus on driving occupancy and the guest experience and let a staffing organization focus on keeping your department full. We are seeing a rise in this type of model with hotels, resorts, and casinos across the country as labor markets are tightening. When the partnership is strong, the model is incredibly efficient and drives great results!

HSS Outsourcing

Exceptional Talent. Passionate Service. Superior Results™

We are the premiere service provider for a full range of hospitality managed services including housekeeping, janitorial and specialty services.

We work with our clients to provide a seamless brand acceptance and standard that offers efficiency, timeliness, quality, and above all exceptional customer service. We also offer the advantage of a nationwide pool of talent to ensure access to qualified workers is never an issue.

Read the article: http://https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/outsourced-housekeeping-option-your-hotel-luke-lindahl
Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC.


Hiring Seasonal Workers

Hiring Seasonal Workers

Seasonal Hiring for Hotels and Resorts

seasonal hiring For many hotels and resorts, seasonal labor is just a fact of business.  Many properties see a high and low season and seasonal worker fill a gap.  Other properties simple aren’t open for a part of the year and seasonal workers are the only option.

For many hotels and resorts, a seasonal strategy is a viable option.  These properties may not have considered this option thinking that it’s expensive and difficult to manager.  But there are more options for employing seasonal workers at hotels and resorts than many hospitality professional might think.

H2B and Beyond

For many properties, H2B Visa were a go-to option.  This can be a viable option for many properties and, for

hiring seasonal workers

many, H2Bs define seasonal labor.  Hiring through H2Bs does have its challenges.  There can be complex legal channels that need to be navigated and worker with a professional can almost certainly improve your chances of being awarded H2Bs.  For example, HSS works with hotels and resorts to navigate the H2B process, working with legal partners and properties to define their staffing needs and locate workers with the skills needed for housekeeping, food service, janitorial and more.    This kind of partnership can help a property not just obtain visas, but ensure that the right staffing needs are met.

However, H2B Visa’s have become more difficult to obtain.  Many hotels and resorts find that their number of requested visa are not approved by the government.  In addition, H2Bs can be fairly limited in the time and employee can remain in the country.

H2B Alternatives and Additions

hiring seasonal employees

There are altnertaives to H2B programs and some of these can be used in combination to provide a full-coverage strategy.  For example, HSS offers a Puerto Rico recruiting program that offers hotels and resorts a pool of viable talent.  Our HSS office in Puerto Rico recruits talent from the island interested in working in the U.S.    HSS has all of the special permits needed to do this and offers clients a turnkey solution that includes arranging travel and housing for workers.  These workers can be assigned seasonal or open-ended employment and are subjected to the same restrictions as H2B workers.

Another alternative to H2Bs through our national recruiting program which leverages the HSS national network of offices.  HSS recruits for seasonal jobs throughout its network, arranges travel and working clients to find housing.  This strategy has been employed by HSS at resort ranches throughout the West in very remote locations open only for limited seasons.

Summary: Recruiting Seasonal Workers Require A Strategy

Recruiting for seasonal employment in hotels and resorts can be a challenge.  But as the market for remote destinations grow and employment pools shrink, defining a strategy is key.  Considering all the options and working in partnership with knowledgeable professionals can help fill the employment gap and ensure a healthy growth of a property that satisfies customer needs and the bottom line.

Contact us about your seasonal recruiting needs!

Hospitality Staffing Solutions announces Branch Network Expansion of FoodStaff 

Hospitality Staffing Solutions announces Branch Network Expansion of FoodStaff 

Staffing Industry Leader, Hospitality Staffing Solutions, is taking its FoodStaff subsidiary brand to many new markets throughout USA

Hospitality Staffing Solutions LLC, (HSS) the nation’s leading provider of contingent labor and outsourced services to the Hotel & Resort industry, is pleased to announce formal expansion plans to move into 10 new markets for their FoodStaff brand.   Foodstaff operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of HSS.

FoodStaff, founded in 1988, has seven legacy offices in place within the SE and Mid-Atlantic regions of the USA.   This office network will now be more than doubled in the coming months, with new operations rolling out in the following US markets:

  • Chicago
  • Connecticut / Rhode Island
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • Houston/Galveston
  • LA/Orange County
  • Minneapolis
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • Raleigh
  • Tallahassee

The expansion of the FoodStaff branch network furthers HSS’s strategic plans to continue growth through the expansion of HSS service offerings beyond its core hotel and resort clientele, and moving even deeper into growing niche sectors on a national level, including colleges/universities, hospitals/senior living facilities, and much more.

“FoodStaff has been a perfect fit for our fast-growing organization, and is already operating as a strong growth driver within our company”, said Tim McPherson, CEO of HSS. “I want to thank the dedicated FoodStaff team members for their excellent work in assuring a smooth transition since becoming part of our company.   I’m extremely optimistic that the combination of HSS/FoodStaff, along with our aggressive growth plans will drive us towards a leading position within Food & Beverage staffing on a national scale.

About Hospitality Staffing Solutions LLC (HSS)
Hospitality Staffing Solutions LLC is the nation’s leading supplier of talent to the Hotel and Resort industry, with operations in 34 states and Puerto Rico supporting more than 800 properties on a weekly basis.  On any given day, more than 10,000 dedicated HSS staff members provide services to our esteemed client base, with skill sets ranging from Housekeeping, Janitorial, Kitchen, Food and Beverage, and many more.   HSS also provides outsourced service operations, managing the entire operations of specific hotel functions, ensuring clients receive quality of service, personnel and predictable costs.     HSS is the only hospitality staffing firm recognized as one of the USA’s Top 100 firms in the industry, as measured by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Founded in 1990 in Atlanta, GA, HSS proudly claims a leading market share at the world’s leading hotel brands and management companies, and looks to continue its expansion into new geographies through organic expansion of its branch office network, strategic acquisition, and further development of its service capabilities.

Learn more about Hospitality Staffing Solutions at www.hssstaffing.com.

About FoodStaff

FoodStaff operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of HSS.  Founded in 1988, FoodStaff provides temporary and full-time personnel to key sectors within the hospitality industry, specializing in serving the food and beverage staffing needs of its clients with a strong presence in the Educational, Corporate Dining and Banquet/Event Staffing sectors.