Happy Holidays from HSS

Happy Holidays from HSS

Seasons Greetings

We all know that 2020 was a challenging year.  At HSS we’re looking forward to continuing to work with our customers and employees to make 2021 a great year!  Happy Holidays from our family to yours.  Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!


HSS Now Offers Service in 50 States

HSS Now Offers Service in 50 States

HSS is pleased to announce that it will now offer staffing services in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico. The company was able to expand its services during the shutdown period of the COVID-19 crisis to serve needs in industries outside hospitality.  As hotels and resorts begin to come back online, that staffing and recruiting infrastructure is being used to help more hotels in more locations.

The company is also expanding its service offering to help hotels as they emerge from the pandemic. With part-time service available, enhanced safety training, and COVID-19 deep cleaning, HSS continues in its role as a trusted partner to hotels and resorts nationwide.

HSS has been a trusted partner to hotels and services that make hotel staff and guests feel safe. HSS was able to work with its parent company to quickly pivot during the shut-down in order to staff heightened cleaning at shipping and logistics, grocery stores, pharmacies, and senior living facilities. Using HSS technology and its extensive network of recruiting capabilities, we were able to supply staff to a more extensive geography. Using this knowledge, HSS is able to reach a broader geography of hotels and resorts moving ahead.

Getting Back To Work: HSS Now Offers Part-Time Staffing

Getting Back To Work: HSS Now Offers Part-Time Staffing

hss temp professional cleaningHSS Now Offers Part-Time Staffing

As hotels and resorts begin to see increasing occupancy, they can face challenges in staffing for part-time work. Lower occupancy levels and different cleaning protocols often mean that staff may not be needed on a full-time basis.

HSS is working with properties to provide staff on a part-time basis as occupancy levels are in this growth period. This will allow hotels to remain flexible during the recovery period.

Opening Staffing to New Properties

Staffing partnership is an efficient model as hotels beginning to see increased occupancy. Based on past periods of recovery, staffing has been used to address challenges such as:

  • Decrease in HR / Recruiting support
  • Laid off staff that can’t be rehired
  • Inability to add to payroll
  • Increased need for flexibility in hours

An HSS Solution

HSS is working with properties during the recovery period to meet these challenges through:

  • Part-time Staff
  • 50 State Recruiting
  • Task Force
  • Direct Hire

During the COVID-19 crisis, we were able to deploy our workforce to a variety of operations that required enhanced cleaning to stay up and running. Many of these positions are part-time, allowing HSS to combine employment opportunities with hotels as they rise from the crisis and begin to build occupancy.

Robust Recruiting

HSS continues its national recruiting operations, which is rapidly building our database of employees. This will allow HSS to work with hotels as they build occupancy and offer full-time employees today and into the future.

HSS Enhanced Safety Training

HSS Enhanced Safety Training

HSS Enhanced Safety Training

As hotels and resorts look toward operating in during the COVID recovery period, safety is a major concern. HSS has always taken the safety of its workers very seriously, providing training and a national safety team focused on training and monitoring conditions, partnering with hotels on protocols, and ensure that workers are practicing safe work habits and are entering safe work environments.

The HSS safety protocols have changed significantly as hotel staff return to work. New safety training protocols protect HSS employees but also protect hotel staff as well as hotel guests. The new HSS safety training for hotel housekeepers and cleaning staff covers topics such as:

  • Proper use of PPE, including masks
  • The use of chemical disinfectants
  • Social distancing
  • Guest Room and Public Area Cleaning Protocols
  • Proper disposal of PPE

In addition, the guide also provides an overview of levels of deep clean and protocols for COVID remediation. While the new safety protocols are primarily aimed at HSS staff, our safety is working with hotels and resorts on their own safety protocols and providing the guide as a reference for hotel staff training as well.

HSS employs a national safety team as part of its overall focus on compliance. Compliance remains a major focus for HSS during the recovery. We have maintained a strong pool of hospitality and cleaning staff during the crisis and will continue to put safety and compliance at the forefront during this recovery which protects our workers, hotel staff, and their guests.

COVID-19 Deep Clean for Hotels

COVID-19 Deep Clean for Hotels

COVID-19 Deep Clean for Hotels

HSS is working with its parent company KBS to deliver COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting to hotels and resorts. As part of the multi-level COVID-19 response, this service focuses on rooms and other areas that were potentially exposed to the virus.

Specialized Deep Cleaning Teams

Specially trained and equipped teams perform a deep cleaning and disinfection on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. The services include HEPA vacuuming all carpeted areas, machine cleaning all floor surfaces with EPA registered disinfectant cleaning solutions, hygiene barrier cleaning, the proper application of virucides, and disinfecting all furniture and fixtures.

Workers for this service are equipped with head-to-toe level 4 PPE and a minimum five-hour wait time is required before entering the space for cleaning. All linens are removed from the space in red biohazard bags.

Once rooms are disinfected and safe to enter, professional housekeeping teams can enter and prepare the rooms to be guest ready. HSS can offer this service as part of the overall service.

Specialized Hotel Cleaning For:

  • Hotels Housing First Responders
  • Properties Repurposed as Medical Facilities
  • Closed Properties Reopening
  • Planning for Future Outbreaks

Expanded Services

HSS can offer hotels a wide range of other services that are helping leading hotels emerge from the crisis. These include enhanced deep cleans for non-COVID-19 response, and offering services and staff to adjust the frequency and scope of cleaning throughout hotels.

Keeping Our Workers Safe

Our culture is built on the belief that: all work is honorable, we acknowledge the dignity of those who do it, and we do things the right way. Our entire organization is dedicated to the success of our clients and the well-being of our workforce. During our response to the COVID-19 crisis, we always maintained our rigorous standards for worker safety, ensuring they have the equipment and training required to minimize risk.

HSS Heroes:  Mother’s Day Addition

HSS Heroes: Mother’s Day Addition

Another shout out to our team working in La Habra, California seen here holding flowers for Mother’s Day.  This group of incredible women have worked in various hotels and are today helping to clean and disinfect for distribution centers for pharmacies.  Thank you to all of the HSS Heroes in the field!

Like many businesses in the hospitality sector, the coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted our business here at HSS.  However, we’ve been able to turn our focus quickly to areas that do have a need for cleaning services.  Working with our parent company, KBS we’ve been able to deploy our dedicated workers to senior living facilities, shipping and fulfillment centers, pharmacies, grocery stores, and medical facilities nationwide.

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