HSS offers services to fit the needs of our clients.  While some businesses may need temporary or contract staffing, others may be looking to hiring an employee as their own.  For this reason, HSS offers services including contract or temporary staffing, direct hire and search services as well as full outsourcing solutions for entire departments.

HSS is a Hospitality Staffing Agency that dispatches over 8,000 skilled talent within 70+ markets to hotels ranging in size from I00 to 2,000 rooms, culminating in more experience, more knowledge, and more systems in place to meet your changing needs.

Contract or Temporary Staffing

Let HSS, a focused Hospitality Staffing Agency, work with you to build flexibility into your staffing strategy. Our experts work with a qualified pool of talent to fill a wide range of temporary hospitality staff within hotels, casinos, and resorts.

Direct Hire and Search

While HSS is known for its work in contract staffing.  Now we also offer direct hire recruiting services.  This fee base service is ideal for filling positions at any level.  Our expert recruiters can help locate top-talent nationwide.


We fully manage your housekeeping, food service, or janitorial staff. A great option for new and existing properties that want to efficently maintain high quality without the administrative headache.



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