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Senior living needs great hospitality services.

We're Helping Redefine Senior Living Hospitality Services

Our Service in Senior Living Facilities

Senior living is an ever-growing industry as the USA population ages.  With a distinct need for around the clock care, and full attention to environmental cleanliness and safety; Hospitality Staffing Solutions is proud to bring it’s proven methods of recruitment, screening and placement of qualified staff to support Sr. Living facilities.



Our expertise with world-class resorts and hotels ensures the highest level of quality standards for housekeeping, janitorial, and food service staff.


Our proven processes mean better operational efficiencies throughout your organization.



We help meet last minute surges in needs or fill unanticipated needs, our experience means that we have the right solution right when it’s needed.



We ensure that organizations are compliant with employment law locally and nationally.

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Our teams specializing in Senior Living can answer your questions about what options might be best for you and your organization.  Tell us more about your and we can arrange a time to speak more about your challenges and opportunities.

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