Mission & Values

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A Mission Driven by Quality

At HSS, we know the important of setting standards and sticking to them from the top down.  That’s why we set rigorous standards throughout our organization designed to deliver the best quality service to meet a full range of budgets.

Our vision is to deliver the best service in the industry, with the best people, through best practices.  Hospitality Staffing Solutions© reinvents the industry by setting the standard for the highest service levels.  Our high performance, service oriented culture differentiates us from the competition.  We are the company customers want to partner with and people want to work for.

HSS hires the best people, trains and develops them to perform well, and empowers them to deliver service passion.  Leadership strength shines through, from our front line managers to executives.  Our best practice systems and processes position us to grown exponentially and profitably.

Clear Communication

We believe that delivering the best possible service starts with clearly communication.  That means we listen to your challenges and answer with clearly articulated answers that everyone can agree on.

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Advanced Technology

We constantly adopt new technology in order to stay ahead of the curve.  Challenges remain constant in our field but technology can meet them with greater speed and efficiency.

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Innovative Ideas

Experience is no excuse for stale ideas.  We bring fresh ideas to the ever evolving challenges and opportunities of hospitality staffing.

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Timely Support

In a 24-hour business you need a responsive partner that can answer the call whether it’s an emergency or a last minute opportunity.  Your customers expect responsive services.  So should you.

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