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Helping hotels and resorts fill permanent positions efficiently.

Recruiting is one of your biggest challenges.  We can help.

Whether it’s front or back of house, you need a great team to make your business thrive and grow. We work with hospitality organizations to redefine how they find and keep great talent. For one property or an entire portfolio, HSS Hospitality RPO & Search can help.


What Is RPO?

You know that finding, hiring, and onboarding talent is never a task; it’s a process. Recruitment Process Outsourcing helps you define that process and control it while our team executes. This can help reduce the cost of recruiting in terms of time and money and leads to more effective recruiting.

Hospitality recruitment process outsourcing can support part or all of your property’s permanent hiring through a comprehensive set of external recruitment resources. With a best-in-class process, scalability, cost savings, along with technology and analytics, RPO delivers access to talent quickly using top-tier recruitment and market insights.

Improved Time To Fill

Managers often don’t factor losses that can accumulate waiting for the ideal candidate. Working with an RPO & Search partner can dramatically improve the time it takes to fill positions.

Quality of Hire

Settling for second best can be a costly mistake. RPO & Search expertise can help your organization clearly identify the needs of your organization and locate talent that can meet those needs.

Hiring Management

The process of hiring can be difficult. Working with a partner that can manage the process leads to better outcomes and saves valuable management time.

Reduced Turnover

An optimized hiring process creates clear expectations and parameters for employers and employees. The results can be lower turnover with long-term positive results.

Maximum Visibility

There are more channels to communicate with candidates than ever. Maximizing your visibility in these channels is essential to finding and keeping great talent. RPO & Search can help by providing a dedicated, experienced team for maximum visibility in the candidate marketplace.



HSS has served the hospitality industry for nearly 30 years.  Our experience informs everything we do from vetting candidates to serving clients’ needs.



We have access to a large pool of talent through our work in the hotel and resort industry nationwide.



We have a flexible service offering tailored to your needs.  From one position to many, our team is committed to helping you.


Cost Effective

Our RPO & Search services often meet or beat the costs of recruiting using internal resources.  Our dedicated teams focus only on your recruiting needs, working faster and more efficiently to save time and money.

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Need To Fill A Position Now?

If you have a need to fill a position now, let’s get started!  Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch to talk about a plan.

Reasons to Use RPO:

  • Lack of internal HR resources
  • Cost to recruit new employees
  • Need to anticipate staffing levels efficiency
  • Fast-changing industry
  • Inferior quality of new hires
  • Increased supplier compliance
  • Reduction in supplier cost
  • Improved focus on core business

Process Improvements

According to a report from The Aberdeen Group, RPO programs can have significant and positive impacts on the recruiting process.  According to the report, there was a:


Cost reduction per hire


Increase in hiring manager satisfaction


Reduction in time-to-fill


Improvment in retention rates

Brand Your Company

Today, building employment brand is just as important as building a product or service brand. Companies that understand what engages their workforce can attract and retain high quality performers. HSS RPO offers total employment marketing and branding solutions to help deliver the right fit for your culture. Utilizing proprietary technology, HSS helps enable clients to gain segmented data to better find, engage, and understand recruitment marketing effectiveness. From there, we work with clients to build a customized strategy across multiple channels to maximize recruitment success.

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Need to Hire Now?

Need someone right away? Look no further. We have a straightforward fee-based search line of service to get you the latent. Need talent now? Need a process? HSS can help.