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Compliance Will Always Be A Trend

A much talked about area in staffing (and in particular Hospitality Staffing) is compliance. The article HR Compliance in a Legal Whiplash World does a nice job of summarizing many of the reasons why.  A slew of new laws on a local level have coincided with new regulations and greater scrutiny at the federal level.  The article makes a valid, if a little self serving, about the uncertainty points to an ever-changing landscape and how hard it is to keep up with changing laws and regulations.

The only guarantee I can make for 2017 is that you’re going to need to know an employment law attorney. Employment attorneys are required to know the laws in their jurisdiction. The need to pay attention at city council meetings, attend hearings at state legislatures, or at the very least follow the #emplaw hashtag on Twitter to keep up are essential functions listed in our job descriptions.

But increased scrutiny of compliance laws and regulations should really be viewed as more than just a passing storm.  Compliance will always be an evolving trend.  And as more industries adopt contingent labor or outsource various segments of their labor management, compliance is something that must become a matter of procedure rather than a guess.  Staffing companies are far better equipped to know about laws coming into effect pertaining to everything from sick leave, to overtime, to documentation requirements.  Because these laws are often adopted by states modeling other states, staffing companies can be alerted to what laws may be coming and how they are often enforced.

Compliance in hospitality staffing means ensuring the processes and procedures meet all local, state, and federal laws at all times.  Working with a partner that places compliance at its core, means the you can be free to grow your business, knowing that laws are being followed as a matter of standard operating procedure.

While meeting with employment attorneys and following trends on a casual basis can be helpful, working with a partner that can ensure compliance on an ongoing basis is really a more realistic long term plan.  Compliance will continue to evolve and staffing partners can ensure processes are in place that not only meet the law, but offers the freedom to grow amid their complexity.

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