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Safety and Compliance Important in Hospitality Staffing

At HSS, we’re proud to lead when it comes to safety and compliance, which have been major factors in our ability to deliver high-quality talent in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. We believe that safety and compliance aren’t just important for our company; these principles should be a top focus for any business in the hospitality industry. Here are some reasons why.

A Hospitality Brand Depends on It

Trust is a key element in measuring the success of a business in the hospitality industry. When guests choose to visit a hotel, resort, or other hospitality venue, they are placing their comfort, safety, and hard-earned money in the hands of a brand. Therefore, it is critical for the people working in these venues – whether they are full-time staff or contingent labor – to exceed the expectations of their valued guests. Put simply, the hospitality industry is unlike any other; to be successful, delivering the highest standards of quality is a non-negotiable. To deliver quality, you have to hire quality. HSS uses safety and compliance guidelines to maintain these high standards with things like background checks, employment verification, safety training and more.

Minimizing Turnover is Essential

Safety and compliance standards have been shown to help reduce turnover in both full-time and contingent staff populations. Choosing the right staffing partner to build your hospitality workforce can be the difference between a smooth sailing operation and a disorganized, expensive disaster. Staffing firms with lower standards are often lenient in their screening processes in order to fill positions as quickly as possible, and many times will charge lower prices. While this may seem like a bargain at first, it can lead to higher turnover which costs more time and money in the end. In the staffing industry, you tend to get what you pay for; finding a true staffing partner who wants to be an extension of your operation is a worthwhile investment to make.

Safety of All

For HSS, safety comes in two parts: ensuring new employees pass proper background and drug screenings, and providing safety training to help staff protect themselves and the guests from harm or injury. HSS provides ongoing safety training for its associates to keep the topic top-of-mind, as it should be. A variety of topics are covered in the safety training, from crisis management and proper handling of chemicals to the safest way to wrap a vacuum cleaner power cord. Vitally important to the well-being of guests and staff alike, HSS associates are even trained on how to recognize and respond to the unfortunate realities of active shooting and sex trafficking scenarios. HSS will always stand by its commitment to safety so our valued guests can continue to create joyful and carefree memories with their loved ones for generations to come.

A Focus on What’s Important

Compliance and safety standards are important because they allow a property to focus on what really matters: the comfort and satisfaction of the guests. Every hotel stay is unique and each guest brings their own story and personalized needs that should be attended to, regardless of how much they paid for their room. Knowing that your staff – from full-time team members to contingent labor – are meeting the safety and compliance standards laid out by government bodies and corporate leadership allows you to tune in to your guests’ needs, which is ultimately what leads to a successful property.

Let HSS partner with you to build out a solid safety and compliance program for your hospitality workforce. To learn more about our policies, procedures, and ways we can help you achieve your goals, visit Compliance (

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