HSS Light Industrial Staffing

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When it comes to staffing for light industrial, we have the right combination to deliver success.  Working with companies like yours, we put together a winning combination for you to meet peak demand, ramp up production, or serve as a initial hiring stage for permanent staff.

We offer…



Our Standard Operating Procedures and methodologies make savings possible without losing quality



From recruitment to training to ongoing service, we strive for the highest quality in all that we do.



Ensuring that our clients are assured that they are meeting expectation set by local, state, and federal regulations.


  • No Payroll taxes
  • No Workers’ Compensation
  • No Fringe Benefits Cost
  • No recruiting, hiring or termination costs
  • No overhead or administrative costs
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Prompt placement
  • Control workforce demand
  • No permanent commitment
  • Option of Direct Hire
  • Maintain positive employee morale
  • Acquire additional skills with minimal Investment
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

HSS leads the staffing sector with a robust safety management department and established practices.

We believe that a safe workplace is key to employee  productivity and job satisfaction, and work with our clients to ensure that safety and risk management roles and responsibilities are clear from the start. Employee Safety is Job #1 here at HSS!

HSS holds itself to the highest standards of compliance with the vast number of employment regulations at the federal, state and local level.

Our compliance team is driven to excel through controls built within our Applicant Tracking, Payroll and Billing systems. We top this off with a Corporate Compliance department that screens all legal and client requirements through a rigid internal Audit Process.

light industrial warehouse workers

Light Industrial Positions

  • Inventory Clerk
  • Loader/Unloader by hand or hand pallet jack
  • Material Handler
  • Picker/Packer
  • Kitter
  • Shipping / Receiving Coordinator


light industrial warehouse workers
female light industrial warehouse worker

Manufacturing Positions

  • Assembler
  • Electronic Assembler
  • Inspector
  • Inventor Clerk
  • Machine Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Transportation Clerk

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