Complete solutions for kitchens and catering

Meeting Today’s Challenges

Hotels and resorts are challenged to provide the specialized staff to clean, maintain, and support a property’s in-house dining and catering needs. With the rapid return of corporate entertaining and private events, hotels and resorts are challenged to meet staffing levels for these in-demand and highly profitable activities.

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A Tailored Solution

HSS provides cost-effective stewarding services that keep busy kitchens on task. Washing dishes and cutlery, sweeping and mopping floors, detailing expensive equipment, and plating for catering are among the activities that our stewards provide.

Reliable Talent

HSS has strict and ongoing hiring, screening, and training processes in 80 local markets that allow it to find a reliable pool of qualified applicants. Our knowledge of local markets allows us to provide hotels with long-term and ongoing support.

Safety and Compliance

As a national leader in outsourced staffing, we ensure that our teams are compliant with all state and federal agencies. From safety to work status, we understand that our clients and the powerful brands they represent need to meet the highest standards.

Tie-ins to Culinary Schools and Hospitality Programs

Our recruiters have established long-term relationships with leading culinary schools and hospitality programs across the country. Many students are excited about the chance to get real-world experience and are very interested in hospitality.


We are able to help seasonal resorts bridge staffing gaps during peak times, hotels manage weekend events, or provide a completely outsourced stewarding package.