Compliance & Safety

Protecting the safety of workers and our clients’ brands is essential.

Our Process for Compliance

Our Compliance & Annual Internal Audit program ensure that the talent we hire is carefully selected, compliant and meet our criteria before being placed. Our industry leading staffing software tracks and manages every step in the staffing process, from on-boarding through payroll processing. In addition, HSS meets all provisions of the PPACA. All of this ensure we are meeting the highest standards in Hotel Staffing Compliance.

In addition, we lead the industry with an internal Worker’s Comp management structure which includes a VP of Risk Management, Dedicated Regional Safety Managers and innovative safety training as a standard service offering.

Peace of Mind

No professional staffing solution is complete unless it shields clients from trailing liability. This aspect of our business is of utmost importance to us, and paramount for you.

  • By processing our payroll through the national payroll-processing leader, Hospitality Staffing Solutions ensures all employee taxes are paid and we utilize an electronic web-based I-9 program to ensure all associates meet the highest standards of hotel staffing compliance.
  • All of our employees are insured for general liability, theft and workers’ compensation. Additionally, HSS has an industry leading safety and workers’ compensation claims management program to prevent injuries and ensure that our employees receive appropriate medical care in the event of a job-related injury.
  • HSS performs complete background checks, and hires associates as employees rather than subcontractors.

Without these protections, you could be assessed for unpaid back taxes, fined for hiring undocumented workers, or ordered to pay workers compensation claims.

Hospitality Staffing Solutions hires the right people the right way to protect your reputation, as well as our own.

Safety Matters

As a leader in hospitality staffing, HSS understands the importance of safety for our staff, your permanent employees and guests. That’s why we invest in comprehensive training, continuously innovate solutions that allow us to track and manage incidents, and prioritize clear communication with the businesses we serve.

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