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Management Resources to Address Safety and Compliance Now Available

Cost pressures, meeting high guest expectations, maintaining brand equity remain important considerations for hotels and resorts looking to gain competitive marketplace advantages.

But lurking right behind the surface when looking at outsourced staffing services are the twin pillars of employee classification and safety.

We’re here to help.


Employee Classification Matters

Explore our Hospitality Guide to Employee Classification for insights about tax compliance, 1099 issues, and more when it comes to hiring employees.

All HSS staff are W-2 employees, not 1099 independent contractors. That means they have a regular workload, are protected by workers comp insurance, and pay taxes along with HSS paying their employee taxes. Aside from being compliant with state and federal tax laws, we also have a workforce who are experienced and committed to your success.


Safety Matters

Read our Safety Matters eBook to learn more about how HSS maintains a strong commitment to keeping our workforce and your employees and guests safe.

Hotel and resort employees regularly encounter a variety of potentially hazardous situations during their shifts, from exposures to toxic chemicals or pathogens when cleaning to bodily strains when moving or lifting furniture or other heavy loads.

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