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Six Keys to Staffing Success: Lessons From Our Most Successful Clients

We looked at some of our most successful client relationships and found they had a few things in common. All of them have worked with us anywhere from a few years to several decades, and utilize our services extensively. While many of these properties tend to be larger scale or luxury, their successes offer lessons that can be applied to many different property sizes.

Here are six insider tips for working with a staffing agency:

1. Scalable

HSS frequently deploys 80% – 100% of staff for any given hotel department, primarily in housekeeping, maintenance, and food and beverage. That number can increase or decrease as staffing demands shift.

2. Consistent

When HSS staff work at a property over many seasons – and more frequently across several years – meeting the needs of that site becomes second nature.

3. Hands-on

We don’t simply deploy staff to a property. Our programs include hands-on managers who have the experience and skills necessary to ensure the needs and standards of that hotel are being met.

4. Customized

HSS never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to staffing solutions. We understand every property is unique, therefore, we develop programs that are tailored to each client’s desired outcomes.

5. Aligned

HSS also works closely with clients to understand and align with their standards of service, safety, and cleanliness.

6. Innovative

Our staffing agency leverages an innovative and comprehensive recruiting program, including national recruiting, arranging transportation to/from the property, and working alongside hotels to arrange for housing.

The clients we took a look at engage in long-term staffing partnerships because it helps them enhance quality and reduce costs. One client told us that their partnership with HSS saves the property a significant amount in management costs while also driving quality.  Those cost-savings are driven by creating a more efficient system where management teams are not involved with recruiting and turnover; instead they can focus on guest satisfaction and other issues more central to their business revenue.

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