Cleaning Logistics Centers and Warehouses During The Corona Crisis

Cleaning Logistics Centers and Warehouses During The Corona Crisis

​Our teams are helping warehouses and logistics centers stay open and sanitized. We’ve teamed with a number of large corporate brands to enhance their surface cleaning efforts using housekeepers and cleaning staff displaced from hotels. It’s about keeping spaces clean, safe and operational and also about putting people to work.

At HSS, we’re working 110% to make this happen! We’re deploying as many workers as we can to these locations. Dealing with transportation, supplies, badging, and other challenges have kept HSS busy but we’re all excited about this opportunity to help people find new work until the hotels are back up and running.

New Job With HSS: Success Tips

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You Just got hired with HSS! Congrats on this new beginning! Follow these quick easy steps to make a great first impression!

  1. Say “YES” to new opportunities. You may be daunted on taking a new role that is not in your comfort zone but your willingness will show your ambitious and initiative.
  2. Establish goals. Work with your higher ups to determine a few goals within your first three months. This can be mastering protocols or completing projects.
  3. Solve problems. Take the matters in your own hands. If you encounter a little bump in the road do not go running to your supervisor. Show them that you overcome obstacles instead of them hindering your performance.
  4. Make connections. Step outside the box to get to know your coworkers but don’t stop there. Get to know everyone in your work community to establish a meaningful relationship.
  5. Speak your mind. Don’t cross boundaries of course but let any questions, comments, or concerns be known! Your voice and options matter so let’s hear them!!
  6. Manage your time. Know what projects or tasks must be done first. Prioritize the most important to meet deadlines of all sorts.
  7. Seek feedback. Ask your management how you’re doing. This will give you a clear perspective of what needs to be fixed and what is just right.
Benefits of Working with a Staffing Company

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Company

There are several benefits of working with a staffing agency such as Hospitality Staffing Solutions.  I’ll give you my top three.

More Hotel Choices

Instead of working for a company with one location, you are working with, in the case of HSS, the largest hospitality staffing company in the country. So let’s say, for example, you are working directly for a hotel and they decide to cut back on your hours, or even to let you go, chances are that they will not be able to help you find work at another location near you.  With HSS, most of the time, you are working in an area where we have many hotels that we staff for.  So if the above situation happened, we would be able to move you to another nearby location and you can continue working without any interruption.

The possibility for advancement

If you start out working as a housekeeper and you do a great job, we will be looking for ways to promote you to a higher position such as a front desk agent, or an executive housekeeper, there are even cases where we have promoted someone working for one of our hotels to working directly for HSS on the corporate side!


Not all direct hotel jobs will offer benefits to their employees, but HSS offers benefit plans to all our full time employees!  The option to have health insurance (health, vision, dental) for yourself and your family is a tremendous value that most hourly jobs will not offer.  In addition, HSS offers an optional retirement plan.


Hospitality Staffing Solutions offers hotel jobs in areas across the country.  To fill out an application visit our website.  We are looking forward to working with you.

How to Get The Best Jobs at a Hotel

How to Get The Best Jobs at a Hotel

Find The Best Jobs at a Hotel

how to get a job at a hotel, how to get a hotel job, hotel staff jobsMany people are attracted to hotels and resorts as places to work.  They’re clean, centrally located, and can be a great environment to work in everyday.  These are all reasons why people enjoy their hospitality job and are always looking for work. From housekeeping staff to food and beverage, hotel staff jobs are considered the “Heart of the House”.  Here are some key ways to get a resort or hotel job:

1.)  Get Experience

The more experience you have, the better.  Experience can only help you land that hotel staff jobs at the place you desire.  But where do you get the experience?  The hotel and resort business has a built in tiered system.  Higher end hotels demand and get more experienced workers which also means higher pay.  You should start at a property that doesn’t require as much experience and work your way up.

2.)  Work with an Agency

Many hotels and resorts only work through staffing agencies.  For instance, you should visit a staffing agency and describe the kind of work you’d like to find to help you get the job you want.  If there’s not an immediate opening, they jobs at a hotelcan help you find a position at a similar hotel or work with you to gain that experience you need to move up in the industry.

3.)  Show Up

Believe it or not, showing up on time is often a great first step to a fruitful career in the hotel industry.  Timelines are tight in hotels.  Rooms need to be cleaned on time.  Food needs to be prepped and served on time.  Everything is about a schedule.  You being there and on time is a huge plus.

4.)  Attention to Detail

Hotels and resorts often have certain procedures that they follow each and every time.  Showing that you have attention to detail during an interview can help.  From the way that you listen to instructions to they way you dress; show that you think about the details that go into your day.

5.)  Smile

hospitality jobsWorking in a hotel is hard work but it can also be fun.  There is often a team spirit at a hotel and being cheerful means that your positive attitude is going to affect others.  Showing that you have a positive attitude in your interview with a hotel manager or with a staffing agency will be an extra important step in landing those hotel staff jobs.

Searching For Jobs?

Finding A Housekeeping Job In Hotel Chains Near You

Finding A Housekeeping Job In Hotel Chains Near You

Hotel Housekeeper Jobs

Hotel housekeeping is hard work, but it definitely has some advantages.  At HSS we work with housekeepers everyday.  Here are some reason why they prefer their hotel housekeeper jobs:


Hotels and resorts vary in terms of size and the level of service that they require.  Hotel staff have the unique opportunity to move up in pay and working environment through experience.  In particular, hospitality staffing agencies can work with you and set goals to move to higher end properties.


While cleaning a hotel room involves dirt, compared to other jobs, the working environment is relatively clean.  You are working in the own environment that you clean each day.  This gives you the peace of mind that you are working in a place that you make clean.


Heat and cold are definitely challenges in other workplaces.  Broiling warehouses or refrigerated plants are not uncommon for a lot of workers.  The environmental control hotel rooms offer a more tolerable working environment.

Independent Work

Housekeeper can work in teams, but the work is generally independent.  If you’re the type of person that hates someone looking over their shoulder, housekeeping is for you.  You will have the daily tasks, but you have the freedom to go about them as you wish.

Searching For A Housekeeping Job in Hotel Chains Near You?

Many hotels and resorts staff entirely or partially through agencies like HSS.  While the reputations of staffing agencies vary greatly, working with a reputable agency means you can move to different properties to get more hours.

Hotel housekeeping isn’t a glamorous job, but it does provide many advantages over other types of employment.  While it is not be for everyone, it might be for you.

HSS offers realistic job previews to determine if someone is a good fit for hotel housekeeping.  Register with us to find out more.

Join the HSS Team

Our commitment to quality in serving our clients has earned HSS the trust and respect of the best hotel brands and companies in the industry. HSS is always looking for motivated, service minded team members.

We are always hiring exceptional people! To be considered for employment in the hotel industry working for HSS, visit a HSS office near you or complete an application online.

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Hotel Jobs:  What To Expect

Hotel Jobs: What To Expect

What to Expect from HotelJobs

Hotel jobs are different from other jobs.  They just are.  There are quirks to working anywhere, but hotels can have some unexpected requirements and expectations.  Here are some things to expect in working at a hotel:


Every Hotel Is Different

Hotels are managed differently across the country, yet the brand doesn’t matter.  For instance, each general manager, director of housekeeping, food and beverage manager, or anyone at the management level works different and runs the hotel differently.  This can vary by geography and by the location of the hotel.  However, the lesson with hotel jobs is to expect hotels to be managed consistently, but know that there is probably a different set of rules at different property.


Dress Code

Most hotels have a dress code for back of house staff.  For instance, this can be as simple as all black and a name tag to a uniform.  Make sure that you follow the dress code and ask the staffing agency you work with what is expected of you on the first day of work.  Also note that many hotels have rules regarding tattoos being covered by clothing.  In addition, there are sometimes requirement to wear shoes that have non-slip soles.


Morning Meetings

Morning meetings are a staple for hotel jobs.  In other words, this is a chance for the housekeeping managers and sometimes the general manager to touch base with the staff.  The topics of these meetings can vary from quality scores to special events.  Make sure that you’re on time and attentive during these meetings and ask questions if you don’t understand a topic.


Quality Scores

Guests at hotels take surveys rating their experiences from their stay.  These scores are tracked and conveyed to employees on a weekly or even daily basis.  It’s a way of improving quality consistently.


Staffing Agency Employment

If you are working at a hotel through a staffing agency, you are employed by the staffing agency and not the hotel.  Any problems or issues should go through the agency, not the hotel.  In addition, if you wish to change the location of your employment, working with the staffing agency is the channel you should go through.  In particular, knowing that you work for the staffing agency clarifies your relationship with the hotel where you physically work everyday.

Join the HSS Team

We are always hiring exceptional people! To be considered for employment in the hotel industry working for HSS, visit a HSS office near you or complete an application online.

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