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Why Work in Hospitality

Hospitality Career Benefits to Employees at All Levels

For those seeking work in an industry with a bright future, the hospitality industry is poised for tremendous growth. Summer tourism has been up, and the outlook for the coming months is also strong, as people crave the ability to get back out into the world.

Hotels make up the most significant part of this growth, contributing to a surge in providing more options for those who want to travel. One out of 10 jobs currently are provided through travel and tourism, while one out of five new jobs is created by the hospitality and tourism industry.

This growth offers opportunities for workers looking for job security – but what other advantages are there to working in a hotel? Let’s take a look.

Seven Advantages of Working in a Hotel

1) More control over your work: For those who enjoy working independently, working in a hotel provides the chance to do so, as many employees work on their own or as part of a small team. New ideas are often welcome, as the best hotels are constantly innovating to better serve customers. For those who are creative and able to pay attention to detail, the opportunities are endless.

2) Enjoyable environment: Working in a hotel provides a pleasant indoor environment, with well-designed surroundings and air conditioning. It’s also a dynamic atmosphere, with travelers coming and going, events taking place, and other factors that make every day different. It can be an ideal setting for those who don’t enjoy a typical workday where everything is the same day after day.

3) Perks including meals, parking and transportation: Working in a hotel comes with perks that other jobs don’t offer. Hotels may offer services they provide to guests to their staff, as well. For example, staff can enjoy benefits like catered meals, free parking, and sometimes even free transportation.

4) Chance to advance: The chance for advancement is higher than it is with other hourly jobs when working for a hotel. Little – or no – experience is needed for many roles, as training is provided. The industry offers workers a chance to grow and develop as the hotel business continues to expand. An entry-level position can quickly lead to more responsibility for those who show initiative. Tourism is a growing industry, and as such, there will always be a role for experienced workers.

5) Opportunities to work in exotic locations: Some hotels offer programs that allow workers to travel to various destinations, arranging transportation to and housing in remote resorts. The chance to travel and meet people from all over the world can be a compelling benefit. The hotel industry is truly a global community, attracting people from every nation.

6) Better work/life balance: While working in a hotel does require some weekend or holiday hours, it’s possible to balance one’s work schedule with their personal schedule. The higher one progresses, the more likely the schedule will provide more standard weekday hours, although the hours are predictable in roles such as housekeeper. For example, for working parents, the regular hours fall within when their children may be in school, making it an ideal schedule.

7) Friendly coworkers: The hotel industry highly values customer service, meaning that most employees exude friendliness and a positive attitude. If you’re looking for an industry that provides a fun environment, hospitality could be a great fit.

Hospitality Offers Unique Benefits

For those in search of a role in an ever-changing industry with limitless possibilities, working for a hotel can be an ideal option. The benefits of a predictable schedule with unusual perks and the chance to quickly move up the ladder can provide an opportunity that’s an excellent match for many seeking a career in a growing field.

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