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Four Reasons Why Hospitality Jobs are Great

Here are four top reasons why hospitality jobs are great:

With travelers across the U.S. returning to business and leisure trips, many people are rediscovering why hotels and resorts are great places to work! Most hotels are centrally-located and near public transportation, beautifully maintained, filled with interesting guests…and they are hiring!

Many, Many Opportunities for Advancement!
Most hotels and resorts are built on what is called a tiered system. This means that you can start at a property that is looking for people just beginning their careers and, with hard work, be able to move up to more responsible positions. Higher end hotels get more experienced workers…which also means higher pay.  In the hospitality industry there are no limits where your skill and passion can take you.

Go Team!
Hotels have a great team spirit among the staff – and your positivity will impact the guests, your coworkers, and your ability to thrive. When you show that you have a positive attitude your bosses will pay attention and reward you. It’s also nice to be able to work in an upbeat environment. Working in a hotel can be hard work but also fun with a great team!

Hit the Road!
Once you’ve proved yourself as a capable and hard worker, you can often get opportunities to work in other cities across the country. This is especially true if you work through national staffing agencies like HSS. Here, we have developed special teams of special workers who travel to different hotels and resorts across the country. Sometimes for a week or two, and sometimes – such as in seasonal resorts – for many weeks or months.

It’s All About Balance
Because hospitality jobs are in such high demand right now, you will be able to make out of your job what you want to make out of it. Early on you might well need to work some weekend or holiday hours, it’s still possible to balance your work life with your personal life. And the longer you are there, the more likely you can have a schedule that works for you and your family!

Housekeeping staff, food and beverage servers, and so many of the other jobs in hotels and resorts are called “The Heart of the House.” With many advancement opportunities, a friendly team approach, ability to travel, and being able to balance your work and life schedules, it’s a great industry to engage your heart and head!


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