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The Benefits of Using Staffing Agencies

Top Companies that Use Staffing Agencies Save Time and Money

top companies that use staffing agenciesThere are many advantages that come along with using a staffing company, such as Hospitality Staffing Solutions, to expand and fill openings within your staff rather than hiring directly. Staffing with HSS alleviates the stress of direct hiring while saving your company time and money. Expanding your staff through HSS provides you with top candidates, flexibility, and savings.
Top Tier Candidates

Access to top tier candidates is essential to an effective and efficient hiring process.  Working with a staffing firm will give you access to this pool of talent.  For example, HSS employees endure a rigorous recruitment process, which means that only the top, most experienced workers will arrive to work at your property.

Using a staffing agency to expand your team may also provide a bridge for potential permanent hires. In this case, you can permanently add on an employee who has already been screened and trained, and that has prior experience and knowledge of your brand. This saves you time and money in recruiting, hiring, and training new candidates.


benefits of using a staffing agencyFlexibility is another advantage that comes along with using a staffing company. One of the biggest benefits of staffing with HSS is the flexibility that we provide. It is fairly common for a business’s staffing needs to fluctuate throughout the year, and this is especially true within the hospitality industry. Staffing needs are constantly changing due to occupancy spikes, peak season, and special events, and HSS provides a flexible solution for meeting these changing needs. HSS embraces change and offers flex staffing and open-ended contracts with no minimum hours required. This allows for seasonal changes in the number of HSS employees that you hire throughout the year.


Staffing with a staffing company can save you time and money. When you expand your staff with HSS, we become your partner in hiring and managing workers. We handle the time consuming recruitment and vetting processes and send you the best candidates to meet your needs. Our team members are employees of HSS, so we take care of employee processes such as background checks, payroll, and liabilities. To make the employee management process even easier, we assign a supervisor to each of our clients who serves as the property’s direct point of contact with HSS.
benefits of using staffing agencies
Furthermore, staffing with HSS can save your company a great deal of money. On average, we cut our customers’ costs by up to 12% annually. HSS’s inclusive pricing covers recruiting and hiring, employee benefits, taxes, workers compensation, and payroll. 

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