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Calculate Your True Hospitality Staffing Hourly Wage

Calculating Hospitality Hourly Wages

Calculating your true Hospitality Staffing Hourly Wage  is an important first step in forming a strategic approach to hospitality staffing. Knowing your actual hourly costs can gain an understanding of what the cost impact is of an employee.  This can also reveal what alternatives may exist to either find more cost effective solutions, or find more efficient solutions at the same cost.  It may sound strange, but many in the hospitality industry simply don’t know the true costs that go into a hire.  The HSS Hospitality Staffing Calculator is based on years of working with businesses like your determine what they are paying per and hour.

Develop a Hospitality Staffing Strategy

Use the Free HSS Staffing Calculator to help immediately determine what your true Hospitality Staffing Hourly Wage. Using this information, you’ll be able to determine what strategies may help you improve efficiency, open new staffing options and develop a true Hospitality Staffing Strategy.

Calculate your cost per hour

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