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Employee Classification: A Hospitality Staffing Guide

As sources for labor are shrinking and becoming more expensive, hotels, resorts and other properties are turning to staffing agencies to fill the void. Some staffing firms classify workers as 1099s in order to reduce their bill rate and their overhead. But there are some pitfalls to the practice that hospitality venues need to be aware of.

HSS has developed the Employee Classification: A Hospitality Staffing Guide to raise awareness and offer solutions to this important issue. Employee Classification: A Hospitality Staffing Guide is a valuable resource for hospitality leaders to review and reference for guidance on how to avoid misclassification and what solutions to implement to leverage staffing most effectively.


Download your FREE copy here. Ensuring that workers are properly paid is essential to their well-being and to the integrity of the hotel brand. Have questions? We’re here to help. Contact us today.

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