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Building a Hospitality Staffing Strategy: Getting Started

What’s Your Hospitality Strategy for Staffing?

If you’re like a lot of managers, hospitality staffing is simply a problem to be solved.  When you need people, you hire them.  But, if you’re not approaching your staffing as a strategy, then you’re missing out on some significant opportunities.  In other words, building a hospitality staffing strategy can help improve quality, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce unnecessary bottom line costs

Factors in Hospitality Staffing

In the hospitality industry, there are often many factors that can seem contradictory at first.  That’s OK.  Building a strong strategy means weighing all of these factors against one another for a successful outcome.   These factors all feed into how you begin to build a staffing strategy.

  • Know the True Cost of Employment
  • Determine Seasonal Highs and Lows
  • Build Awareness of Area Wages
  • Determine Turnover Rates
  • Know Retention Policies
  • Know Options for Staffing Partnerships
  • Evaluating Staff Performance

Creating a Staffing Strategy

In order to create a hospitality staffing strategy, gather information on these factors and follow these steps:

Identify Goals

  • Outline Goals
  • Overlap Goals
  • Contradictions

Gather Information

  • As much info as possible
  • Don’t hide from Facts

Take Action

  • Use information to make decisions
  • Leverage Partnerships

Before implementing a strategy it is vital that you have all of the information and background to make it successful. You must come up with goals that are attainable and figure out the best way to use them. No one ever said creating a strategy was easy. It will take time for a strategy to show its successes, but it is important to weight the pros and cons.

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