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Proven Hospitality Recruiting Strategies

Recruiting Strategies That Work

As the hospitality industry continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, recruiting candidates to fill open roles remains a top focus for many venues.
In early June, of the eight million available jobs in the U.S., one million hospitality jobs were open, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Often, hospitality venues struggle to find enough workers to fill their labor needs. However, there are some strategies they can employ to address this critical issue.
Here, we offer five recruiting strategies for hospitality employers to try:

Constant Recruiting

One factor that can boost a venue’s recruiting efforts is frequency. If a hiring organization is constantly stopping and starting to hire enough staff, that may hurt its ability to find – and keep – a skilled staff.
Instead, recruitment efforts that are continuous help establish an employer within the community. Given the rate of turnover some venues face, this approach can help meet the constant need to find and hire suitable candidates.

Community Involvement

By getting involved in community groups, a hiring organization can uncover potential job recruits and even potentially get to know them in a more relaxed environment.
Building trust can help attract strong candidates who may tend to be more loyal once they’re hired. Groups to explore include chambers of commerce and professional associations.

Social Media Engagement

It’s probably a given that most hospitality venues maintain a social media presence. But – if you’re simply posting – and failing to engage – your efforts there may fail to boost your hiring campaigns.
Posting consistently IS important but engaging with those who comment and share your posts is of equal significance. Be sure to respond if someone comments on your post. If they share it, thank them.
If you’re able to build a social media following of engaged members, your presence there can lead to a pool of potential candidates who may be primed and ready when you’re looking to fill roles within your business.

Digital Engagement

What is digital engagement? It includes all the methods your customers can interact with your organization online – so consider your web site, email, and social media.
Your web site should include job postings and a way to apply – or information on how to get in touch to apply. If you send out regular emails to your mailing list (perhaps you send a newsletter or other email campaigns), you can also include open job listings there.


Have you overlooked one of the most vital sources of potential candidates? Referrals from your existing workers can be a source of strong applicants. Working where friends, neighbors or relatives already work can be an attractive prospect for many job seekers. And, if those they know who already work for your business have positive things to say about it, the trust that can create can be a draw, even for those who may be resistant to take a chance on a new role.
Consider starting an employee referral program, offering incentives to those who refer a candidate who is then hired. This may motivate current staff to recommend those they know. In addition, candidates who come through referral are more engaged, more productive and less likely to leave.

Supplementing Permanent Staff

Some organizations look at temporary staffing as a quick or emergency fix. In fact, many hotel properties work with staffing agencies to bolster their existing staff. This approach helps reduce the workload while also giving you another pool of talent to work with as demand ebbs and flows.

Factor Recruitment Strategies Into Your Hiring Plans

As hospitality venues move forward, recruitment efforts will play a major role in their success. Be sure to factor these strategies into your hiring plans and programs to achieve your recruitment goals.

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