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Hiring Seasonal Workers

Seasonal Hiring for Hotels and Resorts

seasonal hiring For many hotels and resorts, seasonal labor is just a fact of business.  Many properties see a high and low season and seasonal worker fill a gap.  Other properties simple aren’t open for a part of the year and seasonal workers are the only option.

For many hotels and resorts, a seasonal strategy is a viable option.  These properties may not have considered this option thinking that it’s expensive and difficult to manager.  But there are more options for employing seasonal workers at hotels and resorts than many hospitality professional might think.

H2B and Beyond

For many properties, H2B Visa were a go-to option.  This can be a viable option for many properties and, for
hiring seasonal workers
many, H2Bs define seasonal labor.  Hiring through H2Bs does have its challenges.  There can be complex legal channels that need to be navigated and worker with a professional can almost certainly improve your chances of being awarded H2Bs.  For example, HSS works with hotels and resorts to navigate the H2B process, working with legal partners and properties to define their staffing needs and locate workers with the skills needed for housekeeping, food service, janitorial and more.    This kind of partnership can help a property not just obtain visas, but ensure that the right staffing needs are met.

However, H2B Visa’s have become more difficult to obtain.  Many hotels and resorts find that their number of requested visa are not approved by the government.  In addition, H2Bs can be fairly limited in the time and employee can remain in the country.

H2B Alternatives and Additions

hiring seasonal employees
There are altnertaives to H2B programs and some of these can be used in combination to provide a full-coverage strategy.  For example, HSS offers a Puerto Rico recruiting program that offers hotels and resorts a pool of viable talent.  Our HSS office in Puerto Rico recruits talent from the island interested in working in the U.S.    HSS has all of the special permits needed to do this and offers clients a turnkey solution that includes arranging travel and housing for workers.  These workers can be assigned seasonal or open-ended employment and are subjected to the same restrictions as H2B workers.

Another alternative to H2Bs through our national recruiting program which leverages the HSS national network of offices.  HSS recruits for seasonal jobs throughout its network, arranges travel and working clients to find housing.  This strategy has been employed by HSS at resort ranches throughout the West in very remote locations open only for limited seasons.

Summary: Recruiting Seasonal Workers Require A Strategy

Recruiting for seasonal employment in hotels and resorts can be a challenge.  But as the market for remote destinations grow and employment pools shrink, defining a strategy is key.  Considering all the options and working in partnership with knowledgeable professionals can help fill the employment gap and ensure a healthy growth of a property that satisfies customer needs and the bottom line.

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