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Getting Ahead of the Alarming Headlines with Contingent Staffing Strategies

“Nearly 2 million hospitality and leisure jobs remain unfilled in what economists call a ‘deep, profound’ shift in the labor market.” – The Washington Post


As everyone in our industry knows, staffing in hospitality has always been challenging. Summer staffing for seasonal properties and resorts presents a host of additional hurdles to today’s well-publicized workforce woes – including the uncertainties of the J-1 visa and H-2B lottery system.

In 2022, the U.S. Government received 136,000 requests for 33,000 available H-2B visas. While availability for 2023 has been increased to 64,716, providing welcome relief, a lottery is still a lottery. Meaning many properties will come up on the losing side, with their requests only partially fulfilled.

Additionally, there are a number of restrictions and rules placed with the expansion, including 20,000 visas set aside for citizens of certain countries and another tranche for returning workers only.

With an expected summer surge of returning hospitality travelers, hotels and resorts need to move beyond a “cross your fingers” approach in order to meet and exceed customer demands, fully staff lucrative F&B operations, and maximize RevPAR.

One very important contingent staffing component is our Puerto Rico Plus Program.

It provides flexibility, a proven successful track record, less bureaucracy, and serves both seasonal and year-round staffing needs for our clients:


We help properties find workers for housekeeping, F&B, maintenance, landscaping and more. We are flexible and will meet client needs for contingent, long-term, or even direct-hire labor.

Track Record

Since its inception, we have placed more than 5,000 staff across the country. From our office in San Juan we recruit, vet, and train candidates from all parts of the Island.

Less Bureaucracy

Clients don’t need to enter the HB-2 government lottery to obtain qualified workers.  Another benefit is that multiple positions can be filled by the same staffer. One can work as a room attendant for four hours in the morning, for instance, and then work as a server in the afternoon.

Beyond Seasonal

We work to meet staffing needs year-round based on what’s needed and based on client requests. Ski resorts and winter destinations need staff as urgently as their summer cousins.

Labor challenges aren’t going away. HSS continues to invest in innovative approaches like our Puerto Rico Plus Program. As the recruitment battle heats up to staff the summer season, we  are currently recruiting and vetting candidates right now to make sure resorts are ready.


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