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Finding A Housekeeping Job At Hotel Chains Near You

Hotel Housekeeper Jobs

Hotel housekeeping is hard work, but it definitely has some advantages. At HSS we work with housekeepers everyday. Here are some reason why they prefer their hotel housekeeper jobs:


Hotels and resorts vary in terms of size and the level of service that they require. Hotel staff have the unique opportunity to move up in pay and working environment through experience. In particular, hospitality staffing agencies can work with you and set goals to move to higher end properties.


While cleaning a hotel room involves dirt, compared to other jobs, the working environment is relatively clean. You are working in the own environment that you clean each day. This gives you the peace of mind that you are working in a place that you make clean.


Heat and cold are definitely challenges in other workplaces. Broiling warehouses or refrigerated plants are not uncommon for a lot of workers. The environmental control hotel rooms offer a more tolerable working environment.

Independent Work

Housekeeper can work in teams, but the work is generally independent. If you’re the type of person that hates someone looking over their shoulder, housekeeping is for you.  You will have the daily tasks, but you have the freedom to go about them as you wish.

Searching For A Housekeeping Job in Hotel Chains Near You?

Many hotels and resorts staff entirely or partially through agencies like HSS. While the reputations of staffing agencies vary greatly, working with a reputable agency means you can move to different properties to get more hours.

Hotel housekeeping isn’t a glamorous job, but it does provide many advantages over other types of employment.  While it is not be for everyone, it might be for you.

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