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Do You Have What it Takes to Work in a Hotel?

The hospitality industry offers many opportunities for the right candidates. Workers who are a good fit can go far in the hotel and resort business! Do you have what it takes to make it?

So, what are hotels looking for? Here are the top seven!

1) Service With a Smile

Many roles in the hospitality business require interaction with the public, at least part of the time. Great customer service skills are a huge plus.

Does this mean you need to be “on” all the time? No. But it does mean that you have to be comfortable engaging with people.

There will be situations during which anyone who works at a hotel or resort may have to help a guest with whatever they may need. Being able to smile and respond to a guest’s question – in the spirit of truly trying to help that guest – can go a long way toward helping to make their stay that much better.

2) Sweating the Small Stuff

Those who succeed in the hospitality industry know that paying attention to details can make all the difference between a guest having a stay they want to rave about – or an experience they want to complain about!

When a worker goes into their day with the goal of making a guest’s stay better, they will want to ensure that every little detail is attended to. Sometimes something as small as folding the towels a certain way – or straightening up the cords to a guest’s electronic devices – can make a real difference in how that guest perceives their experience.

3) Self-Starters

If a staff member is able to approach their work independently, that will save time for their supervisor and make for smoother overall operations. Those who can problem solve and figure out how to move forward as much as possible on their own are a true asset to a hotel or resort.

When everyone is busy, having to track down someone to answer a question – if you can solve that problem on your own – can be a benefit to the entire team.

4) “To be Honest With You…”

Can you communicate openly at work? If so, this is a major factor in determining your success in the hospitality industry.

If you’re easy to work with, that will be really helpful to the team. Of course, being honest with your input and feedback is crucial to the success of your efforts.

5) There’s No “I” in Team

Most roles in hospitality involve working as part of a team. Are you a good teammate? Do you work well with others?

Cooperating with others and supporting your co-workers when they need it can help you stand apart – and help your team succeed.

6) A Can-Do Attitude

A positive attitude is a must for hospitality workers. Facing the day with a can-do perspective will help a candidate looking for a role in the industry.

Each day brings changes and challenges, but when you’re able to embrace those with a willingness to work through them, it can make a difference in the outcome – and in your success.

7) “I’ve Done This Before!”

If you have previous experience working in the hospitality industry, that can help you as you seek employment in a hotel or resort.

Be sure to highlight that you’ve worked in the industry in the past and that you understand what the job entails. That will set you apart from other candidates who may not have had any experience in those types of roles.

Are You Ready for a Career in Hospitality?

These seven characteristics can help hospitality workers succeed in their roles, as hiring managers search for the right candidates to fill jobs. Be sure to highlight your strengths if you’re searching for a new opportunity in the hotel and resort world!

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