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I’m Looking for Hotels Hiring Near Me. How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started Finding Hotels Hiring Near Me and Landing a Job?

Working in the hospitality industry today is an exciting option that rewards teamwork and people with positive attitudes.  Jobs in hospitality offer many benefits including opportunities for advancement and great working conditions.  You might be asking yourself, “How do I find hotels hiring near me?”

Hospitality Staffing Solutions helps thousands of people find jobs in leading hotels and resorts. Here are five tips for people interested in working in building a career in hospitality:

  1. List Your Work History and Make a Resume
    Even if you’ve never worked at a hotel, you probably have a lot of experience and background that future employers will find useful. Make a resume! List out all of the jobs you’ve already had and make sure to include references of past bosses and employers. Don’t worry if they’re not all from hospitality – just show any experience you have.  When you’re asking yourself “What are the hotels hiring near me?” you need to be ready with relevant experience.
  2. Positive Attitude is a Must!
    Everyone in hospitality interfaces with guests at some point – so people skills are a must. A smile and willingness to help guests goes a long way. This shows that you can interact with guests and also be a team player with others in your department.
  3. There’s no “I” in “Team”
    Hospitality workers should expect a teamwork-oriented environment. That can mean working with others in your department or occasionally helping out another department. Showing that you can work with others is important. Make sure to reference past employment experiences, community involvement, or family responsibilities. This helps hotels know that you’ll work with others as a team to meet guest expectations.
  4. Work With the Right Agency
    Many of the best hotels work with agencies like HSS to look for and hire talented people. HSS has been around for 30 years and is the most trusted agency in the U.S. We also make sure that you are classified as a W2 employee which gives you certain protections under the law and helps you build a solid employment history.  You can call any number of the HSS offices and as “What are the hotels hiring near me?”
  5. Be Open to Travel
    For those with some flexibility, there are opportunities to travel to other states for seasonal work. HSS offers positions for people to work in high-end remote resorts that provide food and lodging in some stunning locations. It’s a great way to earn money in the off season and gain experience with luxury brands!  Asking What are the hotels hiring near me might be the first step in finding a hotel hiring at another location.

Asking “What are the hotels hiring near me…” is the first step to a great career.

If you look forward to lots of variety in your day and are able to embrace change while keeping a positive outlook, working for HSS could be an ideal fit for you. Entry-level roles can lead to more opportunities for those who embrace teamwork and put people at the heart of what they do. Get your foot in the door to some of the finest hotels and resorts with HSS!

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