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Training Foundational Skills

At HSS, we employ exceptional talent and we give them the foundational tools in order to grow and develop within their positions creating individuals geared for success. Our team of trained talent assures consistency in our relationship with our property partners. 100% weekly safety trainings conducted onsite highlights issues and concerns and then teaches preventive behavior that create safer and minimized accident environments .

Continuous Development

To promote efficiency and a superior quality of standard at every location, Hospitality Staffing Solutions has worked diligently in training and development in order to provide superior customer service. All HSS staff are trained on the full scope of their jobs.  This includes onsite trainers, certified by our Regional Director of Training and Development, as well as our managers who are all trained on-site, online and through our HSS University.

Onsite & Online

Our hospitality managers and supervisors are training every day. From new hires that demonstrate proficiency and efficiency to consistently touching base on new developments within our industry.

HSS managers complete online modules and leadership development training that is updated and maintained in order to reflect industry and quality standards as well as in order to be a qualified resource to all managers.




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