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HSS Enhanced Safety Training

cleaning_maskHSS Enhanced Safety Training

As hotels and resorts look toward operating in during the COVID recovery period, safety is a major concern. HSS has always taken the safety of its workers very seriously, providing training and a national safety team focused on training and monitoring conditions, partnering with hotels on protocols, and ensure that workers are practicing safe work habits and are entering safe work environments.

The HSS safety protocols have changed significantly as hotel staff return to work. New safety training protocols protect HSS employees but also protect hotel staff as well as hotel guests. The new HSS safety training for hotel housekeepers and cleaning staff covers topics such as:

  • Proper use of PPE, including masks
  • The use of chemical disinfectants
  • Social distancing
  • Guest Room and Public Area Cleaning Protocols
  • Proper disposal of PPE

In addition, the guide also provides an overview of levels of deep clean and protocols for COVID remediation. While the new safety protocols are primarily aimed at HSS staff, our safety is working with hotels and resorts on their own safety protocols and providing the guide as a reference for hotel staff training as well.

HSS employs a national safety team as part of its overall focus on compliance. Compliance remains a major focus for HSS during the recovery. We have maintained a strong pool of hospitality and cleaning staff during the crisis and will continue to put safety and compliance at the forefront during this recovery which protects our workers, hotel staff, and their guests.

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