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We help people like you find quality restaurant jobs nationwide. 

HSS works with some of the leading restaurants across the country.  Some are within hotels and others are stand alone establishments.   

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Your Experience in Food Service is Valued

HSS knows that your experience in food service is valuable.  We work restaurants and other food venues that  that value that experience as well. Our recruiting teams often come from the hospitality industry and understand what it takes to deliver great service in restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts and other venues with food service.  

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Working  in All Restaurant Areas

HSS works in all areas of restaurants from front to back of house.  We have jobs at all experience levels from kitchen to server positions and all positions in between: 

How Does It Work?

You can reach out to us online or contact any of our local recruiting offices. Our team will get in touch and schedule a time to talk about what positions are available in your area and match those positions with your skills and ambitions. Then we match you with hotel jobs in your area and you get started. 

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Work with a Trusted Partner

HSS has been in business for over 30 years. We have a strong relationship with the people we match with restaurant jobs across the country. We pay our workers honestly and transparently offering benefits such as weekly pay, available healthcare benefits, and can help you work around your schedule to find the right restaurant job for you. 
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Restaurant Jobs with a Future 

Many of our team members start with entry-level hotel jobs and work their way up to higher paying jobs and some into management. Hotels and resorts offer people a pathway to success. 


What is it like to work in a restaurant?

Restaurant jobs can be challenging but rewarding.  They are fast paced environments where service and quality come first.  There is a lot of team work needed to make a restaurant work and many people who work in food service value the friendships that can build in these environment. 

What do restaurant jobs pay?

It really depends on your level of experience. Many premium restaurants pay well, but require experience.  The good news is that employees who show hard work and dedication can advance quickly. 

Why work with HSS rather than going directly to a restaurant?

Many premium restaurants in your area are only available through HSS. In fact, HSS is the largest partner with some of the top names in the industry. Also, we have access to a wide range of hotels in your area that have food and beverage jobs available. 

How do I get started?

Easy!  Fill out the form below and an HSS team member will be in touch to discuss a time for an interview.

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