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Determining Pay Rates for Hospitality Staffing



It’s a the classic first step of hiring.  Determining pay.  Yes, you can do a quick Google Search and find plenty of general information on Hospitality Staffing Wages in your area.  But this is only a first step in determining pay.  There are other dynamics that are important.

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Training Can Impact Hospitality Staffing Wages

If you are willing to work with a less experienced candidate, training can help achieve the quality you need at a lower cost per hour. Training is essential for many candidates to determine the accurate hospitality staffing pay.

The Cost of Churn

Hospitality staffing wages can determine churn; so asking “What should I pay?” really shouldn’t be a zero sum game.  You need to look at the cost of churn within your organization.  Looking at training, the cost of lower quality scores, how quickly rooms are turned — these are all factors that should improve with a staff that has experience with your property.  Don’t just look at a wage that will attract new talent, but one that will keep talent as well.

Know What You’re Paying Now

This may sound strange, but you may not know the true hourly cost of hiring.  Calculating hourly hospitality staffing pay that reflect reality means looking at taxes, benefits, PTO as well as recruiting costs.  This number helps determine what you are actually paying an hour.  Use the HSS Free Wage Calculator to get started.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Pay scale doesn’t only impact who you will attract to a position.  It also determines how many people.  The size of a candidate pool is impacted by the number of people available for a position and can help fill a position more quickly.  Competitive hospitality staffing wages can reduce the amount of time that you’ll have to wait to fill a position.  This holds true whether you are working with a staffing agency or hiring directly on your own.

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