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Hospitality Overtime and How to Avoid It

reduce overtimeReduce Overtime in Hospitality Staffing

Hospitality overtime is, more often than not, really just a penalty for poor planning.  In other words, overtime mostly occurs when the number of hours needed to meet customer demand exceeds what employees can work.  While it can be unavoidable in some cases, it is usually a Band-Aid and a costly one at that.  There are other ways to handle spikes in demand that do not require overtime. Here are some tips to reducing hospitality overtime staffing costs:

Planning for Seasonal Highs

High and low seasons are a natural part of the hospitality staffing industry.  To figure out overtime needs during these periods, GMs need to look at more than just total number of hours.  They need to also look at how much hospitality overtime will occur using only full-time staff.  Depending only on overtime during high-seasons is not a good hospitality staffing strategy since it may increase costs, lower quality, and increase turnover.

Mix Temporary and Regular Staff

Using a strategy of temporary and regular staff can help bring down overtime hours.  Many hotels and resort GMs have found that they can reduce hospitality overtime by including temporary staff.  This strategy partially alleviates overtime costs that can offset agency fees.

Avoid Hospitality Overtime with a Staffing Agency

hospitality overtime chart
HSS tracks overtime hours with clients to determine where supplemental staffing can help reduce them over the long term.

Many times, staffing agencies are viewed as a quick fix to fill in gaps.  But staffing agencies often work with hotels and resorts to plan a season of employment.  They monitor overtime and can work to reduce it by tapping into a more extensive pool of talent.

Build A Pool of Talent

In addition to planning, staffing agencies can tap into a pool of qualified talent.   This ensures overtime is kept at bay while still maintaining quality.

Have A Staffing Strategy

Reducing overtime is ultimately about thinking strategically about hospitality staffing.  Creating a strategy not only reduces overtime.  It also improves quality and reduces costs.  Success in hospitality management is ultimately about expecting the unexpected.  Reducing overtime is part of that basic, but important fact.

Remember: Employees Love Overtime…Sometimes

Employees can benefit from a few extra hour here and there and appreciate the extra money for each hour worked.  However, worker fatigue can lead to lower quality and high turnover.  These are the hidden costs of overtime that should be considered as well.

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