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Hotel Jobs: What To Expect

What to Expect from Hotel Jobs

Hotel jobs are different from other jobs – they just are. There are quirks to working anywhere, but hotels can have some unexpected requirements and expectations. Here are some things to expect in working at a hotel:

Every Hotel Is Different

Hotels are managed differently across the country, yet the brand doesn’t matter. For instance, each general manager, director of housekeeping, food and beverage manager, or anyone at the management level works different and runs the hotel differently. This can vary by geography and by the location of the hotel. However, the lesson with hotel jobs is to expect hotels to be managed consistently, but know that there is probably a different set of rules at different property.

Dress Code

Most hotels have a dress code for back of house staff. For instance, this can be as simple as all black and a name tag to a uniform. Make sure that you follow the dress code and ask the staffing agency you work with what is expected of you on the first day of work. Also note that many hotels have rules regarding tattoos being covered by clothing. In addition, there are sometimes requirement to wear shoes that have non-slip soles.

Morning Meetings

Morning meetings are a staple for hotel jobs. In other words, this is a chance for the housekeeping managers and sometimes the general manager to touch base with the staff. The topics of these meetings can vary from quality scores to special events. Make sure that you’re on time and attentive during these meetings and ask questions if you don’t understand a topic.

Quality Scores

Guests at hotels take surveys rating their experiences from their stay. These scores are tracked and conveyed to employees on a weekly or even daily basis. It’s a way of improving quality consistently.

Staffing Agency Employment

If you are working at a hotel through a staffing agency, you are employed by the staffing agency and not the hotel.  Any problems or issues should go through the agency, not the hotel. In addition, if you wish to change the location of your employment, working with the staffing agency is the channel you should go through. In particular, knowing that you work for the staffing agency clarifies your relationship with the hotel where you physically work everyday.

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