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Five Solutions for Labor Shortages in Hospitality

Solutions for Hospitality Labor Challenges in 2021

The HSS team is working closely with its parent company, KBS, to offer hotels, resorts, casinos, and restaurants a truly comprehensive set of facility services solutions.  This combination can help properties address shortages in labor during this critical time of recovery for the hospitality industry.  KBS has just published Five Solutions for the Labor Shortages in Hospitality.  The piece looks at how the combination ofLabor Shortage in Hospitality services can be combined to address labor shortages with:

  • Supplemental Staffing
  • Outsourced Cleaning
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Full Departmental Outsourcing
  • Bundled Facility Services

From the post:

As hospitality venues re-open and see increased demand from customers and guests, it’s clear: labor shortages could slow the recovery, hampering businesses trying to capitalize on the booming consumer demand. From kitchen staff to waitstaff to housekeepers to front desk managers, the hospitality industry is faced with one of the tightest labor markets in years amid an economic recovery from one of the worst crises in living memory.

As the hotels, resorts, and restaurants recover from what was arguably one of its worst years for hospitality, the labor shortage brings an additional challenge. With tight budgets coming out of a catastrophic 2020, it may be tempting to reduce outsource solutions. But this strategy will worsen the problem. Now is the time to bring new solutions to bear on tight labor markets that may ultimately lead to long term changes to how the industry addresses healthy operations. The industry may have been hit hard by the pandemic, but, with the right partnerships, there are strong opportunities ahead.

You can read the full post here:
Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (“KBS”), is a trusted partner to leading operations and facility managers across 75,000 client locations throughout North America.

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