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The Hospitality Staffing Playbook

Contract labor is an important tool for General Managers and other leaders in the hospitality industry. Supplemental staffing (sometimes called Temp Labor) can be an important tool to give hotels, resorts, and other hospitality venues an extra pool of talent to pull from. This resource is especially important as the industry recovers from the pandemic and faces a shortage of labor.

However, many in the industry shy away from contract labor because it is seen as an added expense or a costly short term tool used only in emergencies.

This playbook lays out strategies for leveraging the power of contingent labor to help hospitality properties maximize their revenue potential and minimize their risk to profits. Based on work with thousands of properties and decades of experience, these strategies are essential for any hospitality venue to grow and thrive today.


To read more download your copy of The Hospitality Staffing Playbook here.

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