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News: HSS President, Tim McPherson Named to SIA Staffing 100

HSS is happy to announce that Tim McPherson has been named to the SIA Staffing 100 for North America.  This is third year that McPherson made the list as the leader of Hospitality Staffing Solutions.  The SIA list celebrates 100 notable individuals whose impact on the workforce solutions ecosystem elevates the industry and drives its evolution.  From the SIA press release:

The list acknowledges the leadership, talent and commitment of those driving efficiencies, impacting legislation and advancing the ecosystem. It includes a wide range of roles, from CEOs, entrepreneurs and technologists to workforce specialists, attorneys and more, women and men who are spearheading growth for their organization and the industry by creating efficient processes, using technology to create new models of work that are driven by people and setting the gold standard for operational practices and business performance.


“As movers and shakers, the 2020 honorees are leading the industry through change and transformation into a new world of work,” said Subadhra Sriram, Editor & Publisher, Media Products, SIA. “Our ecosystem is more interconnected than ever before; its frontiers are more varied and areas like diversity and inclusion, compliance, workers’ rights and online talent marketplaces have become more complex and integral to today’s business models, with technology enabling more sophisticated solutions. Congratulations to all the individuals named this year for the important role they play in exploring these frontiers.”

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