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Notes from a Conference (Part Three)

HSS President Tim McPherson recently attended the Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum. Following earlier reports from fellow attendees Jim White, Senior Vice President of National Operations, and Mihaela L.Pla, Senior Vice President Southern Region, here is Tim’s takeaway.

Our long-standing relationship with Staffing Industry Analysts has helped HSS in so many ways.  From assisting us to forecast our business growth, keeping us abreast of ever-changing laws that impact staffing companies, and building lasting relationships, SIA is an integral support partner to any company in the industry.

Their conferences always stand out from others, and the 2023 SIA Executive Forum was the best I’ve ever attended.  Meeting such a large number of our industry colleagues in-person once again seemed to have energized organizers, speakers and attendees alike.

Our SVP’s Mihaela Pla and Jim White had great opportunities to network with peers and attended a wide variety of educational sessions to help build their knowledge in HR Technology, Diversity Initiatives, and developing Next Generation of Staffing.

Outside of the conference itself, HSS reliably uses the data analysis and market insights provided by the SIA team to assist in financial planning, management training, and improving our sales and recruiting operations.  SIA’s research and insight has a direct result in improving the quality of data that our clients now rely on.   HSS has also developed several key partnerships through SIA that will create additional value to our clients and employees both now and in the future.

Congratulations to SIA on another great conference and for their on-going support of our industry.  You can learn more about their important work here.

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