hospitality jobs

You Just got hired with HSS! Congrats on this new beginning! Follow these quick easy steps to make a great first impression!

  1. Say “YES” to new opportunities. You may be daunted on taking a new role that is not in your comfort zone but your willingness will show your ambitious and initiative.
  2. Establish goals. Work with your higher ups to determine a few goals within your first three months. This can be mastering protocols or completing projects.
  3. Solve problems. Take the matters in your own hands. If you encounter a little bump in the road do not go running to your supervisor. Show them that you overcome obstacles instead of them hindering your performance.
  4. Make connections. Step outside the box to get to know your coworkers but don’t stop there. Get to know everyone in your work community to establish a meaningful relationship.
  5. Speak your mind. Don’t cross boundaries of course but let any questions, comments, or concerns be known! Your voice and options matter so let’s hear them!!
  6. Manage your time. Know what projects or tasks must be done first. Prioritize the most important to meet deadlines of all sorts.
  7. Seek feedback. Ask your management how you’re doing. This will give you a clear perspective of what needs to be fixed and what is just right.
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