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Are you working with a firm that treats compliance with a high priority?

It’s a question that everyone in hospitality should ask themselves.  With uncertainties in the future about policies toward worker documentation, it’s more important now than ever that staffing partners are a help with compliance issues rather than a hinderance.

Here are a few things to look for in staffing partners to ensure compliance:

1.)  Transparency

It sounds basic, but a staffing partner that is transparent about all of it business dealings is vitally important.  From pay rates to time-to-fill estimates, a partner that is transparent in all of its business dealings indicates a good compliance partner.

2.)  Technology

Being able to access records easily anytime goes hand in hand with transparency.  A partner that has technology in place to help you monitor activity and records means that  records are maintained in a complete and compliant fashion.

3.)  Process

Finally, being transparent and having technologies in place to monitor that transparency is almost useless unless there is a process in place for ensuring compliance.  Ask about the process for filing paper work and which forms are required for employees and how their paperwork is saved and communicated through to clients.

Read more about this HSS compliance polices.

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