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How to select a safety conscious staffing partner

Safety Conscious.Safety is an important issue in temporary staffing. Todays stringent standards in safety apply equally to contingent and full-time staffing.  Everyone’s best interests are at heart in creating a safe working environment for full-time and contingent employees alike.

Look for a staffing partner that will help you improve safety standards.  A staffing agency is experienced in reducing claims due to injury and having an optimal record for safety.  Ask for details on the agency’s safety and risk department.  What programs do they have in place to train employees on safety issues.  Do they tailor that training for clients?  What is their track record on working with clients to reduce accidents?

You can also ask about an agency’s process for reporting accidents.  Is there a system for reporting accidents and analyzing them to decrease the likelihood of them happening again?  Or is reporting less comprehensive?
These questions can help you determine how seriously a staffing partner takes safety.

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