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A Message from Tim McPherson, President, HSS on COVID-19

mcpherson28657I don’t need to tell you that the COVID-19 virus is having a huge impact In the world of hospitality; you’re experiencing it every day.  As the largest supplier of staffing to the hospitality industry, we’re feeling it through our customers, our staff and through the valued employees that we recruit and place throughout the industry.  But through these difficult times, there are some basic tenets about our business that remain and I wanted to share:

  • HSS In This For The Long Haul:  HSS is celebrating 30 years in business in 2020 and we plan to be around for at least another 30 years.  Our business is built on sound practices and we retain the expertise and financial resources to serve our customers throughout the good and bad times.
  • HSS Is Taking Care of Our Staff:  Our teams are working hard to find work for our staff to fill in gaps due to the lack of demand in some sectors of hospitality.  Cleaning staff is needed in every sector of our economy during this pandemic.  This helps our employees and their families, but it also helps retain our pool of talent who are eager to continue working in the hotel industry.
  • HSS Is Here To Help  Today – The HSS staff remains on stand-by for any support needs now.   While many offices have been closed, through our technology we remain connected to each other, our clients and our 1000’s of hourly workers.
  • HSS Will Be Here To Help Tomorrow – Business will ramp back up.  We want to partner with hotels today in order to fulfill the need for hospitality staff in the near future.  When occupancy rate rebound, we’ll be here to help meet that need.

We know this isn’t an easy time for anyone in the hospitality industry.  It’s a time of uncertainty and we all wish things were different.  However, in these challenging times we want to be a consistent partner in the services we provide.  The devoted, professional staff at HSS will work diligently to continue as a leader and resource for our clients and the many employees that we serve nationwide every day.

Tim McPherson
Hospitality Staffing Solutions

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