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Guide to Travel Intent Products

When it comes to media marketing, it’s often hard to keep abreast of all the constant new developments. Being able to direct the travel intent of potential customers is a goal that’s been on the agenda for many years, but some of the newer programs aren’t as easy to understand. This article discusses several different tools for guiding travel intent, which ones that are the best to utilize and each of their strengths and weaknesses.

Here is an excerpt:

Travel Intent Targeting is essentially the ability to find users who have decided on a destination but have not yet chosen a specific hotel in that destination. Targeting travelers who aren’t necessarily familiar with your property but are headed to your city is the next logical step up the booking funnel, opening up an entire ecosystem of potential guests.
Travel Intent is nothing new. But some of the tools are.
The concept of travel intent marketing has been around for years, but new tools and platforms boasting intent-based targeting have hoteliers more than a little overwhelmed, unsure which tools to pay attention to and which tools to ignore.

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