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Beating The Labor Crunch Through Outsourcing

HSS President Tim McPherson recently bylined an article for Modern Restaurant Management titled Beating the Labor Crunch: Outsourced Strategies Are Key

While today’s headlines focus solely on hourly rate increases and signing bonuses, an outsourcing model attacks the pain points of a labor shortage in several ways.
First, the amount of time managers spend recruiting can have a distracting domino effect on food service operations.  Managing existing labor, attention to customer service, marketing and promotion, vendor relationships – all can suffer when so much valuable time and attention is diverted to finding and keeping talent.  Outsourced recruiting for full-time and contingent staff can help and is simply more efficient.  For example, HSS and its parent company, KBS, have more than 90 recruiting offices and hundreds of recruiting professionals nationwide.  Recruiting professionals within each office are fully focused not just on recruiting, but on recruiting specifically for the hospitality industry.  This leads to higher quality candidates, less turnover, and better performance.

Read the full article here: Beating the Labor Crunch through Outsourcing

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