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HSS Podcast: Long-term COVID Impacts

In this episode we explore some of the long-term impacts that the COVID-19 crisis may have on the hospitality industry and how leaders in the industry are deploying solutions. We include some insight into how some HSS clients are emerging successfully as occupancy rates begin to rise.


We reference an article in Lodging Magazine titled The Future of Housekeeping where Jordan Bell, vice president of hotel operation and management consulting at hotelAVE is quoted:

“We’re hearing of significant cross-utilization due to labor shortages over the past year, where salaried managers and employees from other areas of the hotel are pitching in to clean rooms on busy days. This has the effect of artificially boosting rooms productivity while reported managerial labor stays relatively flat and productivity in other areas is potentially adversely affected.”

We also reference a profile of Aimbridge Hospitality in Hotel Management International where Ed Burke, VP of rooms and engineering operations is quoted:

“There has always been a high expectation for cleanliness in hospitality,” says Burke. “Moving forward, these expectations are going to be even higher. Beyond guest rooms there will be more attention paid to the cleanliness of public areas, fitness centers, swimming pools, and food and beverage operations.”

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