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You’re Focused On Hospitality.

And So Are We.

Hospitality is the focus of your business.  Shouldn’t it also be the focus of your staffing company?  HSS has been a leader in hospitality staffing since 1990 and can help improve quality and efficiency in your operation with services in:

  • Supplemental housekeepers
  • Janitorial staff
  • Temp to perm options

Discover the HSS Difference

HSS is a leader in Hospitality Staffing because of the major differences we bring to our customers, including:

  • Compliance priority for HSS and our customers
  • Total value
  • Delivering highly qualified talent
  • Reducing turnover while increasing efficiency
  • Helping New Properties Get Running

Let's Get Started!

Are you interested in learning more about how staffing services can help you reach your goals? We’d love to talk more. Tell us more about you and we’ll be in touch.

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We’re proud to note our room attendants are consistently listed at the top of posted room inspection scores.
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Food Service

From food preparation to service, we provide food service staff for every level of establishment
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Our employees follow your procedures so your linens are handled properly.
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Associates with experience in golf courses, ground cover, weed control, edging, mowing.
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Hospitality Staffing Solutions© can provide a few dishwashers or an entire department.
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Hospitality Staffing Solutions© Janitorial focuses on the typically difficult-to-staff and manage third-shift operation.

Flexibility to Grow

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Top Quality People, Service, and Technology

With fluctuating occupancy, staffing a hotel, resort, or casino can be tricky. Hire too many employees and you pay them during low occupancy. Hire too few and you risk paying overtime. So what’s a hotelier to do? Call the leader in hospitality staffing–Hospitality Staffing Solutions.

As a corporate approved staffing partner with Concord, HSS is in a unique position to work with you to plan for seasonal highs and lows, reduce turnover, and increase both the quality and efficiency or your property.

About HSS

As the largest national staffing company specializing in the hotel category, Hospitality Staffing Solutions provides the most highly regarded properties with a superior, reliable, motivated workforce every day.

  • Dispatches over 8,000 skilled talent
  • 60+ markets
  • Hotels ranging in size from I00 to 2,000+ rooms


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Our Compliance & Annual Internal Audit program ensure that the talent we hire is carefully selected, compliant and meet the Concord criteria before being placed. Our industry leading staffing software tracks and manages every step in the staffing process, from on-boarding through payroll processing. In addition, HSS meets all provisions of the PPACA.

HSS further shields you from any liability with a multi-million dollar insurance policy. In addition, we lead the industry with an internal Worker’s Comp management structure which includes a VP of Risk Management, Dedicated Regional Safety Managers and innovative safety training as a standard service offering.


Thanks to our highly selective grassroots recruiting, we identify and hire motivated, attentive talent. Each property is assigned an Account Supervisor responsible for recruiting and conducting orientation.Our deep and wide field team infrastructure ensures you receive attentive local service from the national leader.

We know you want to staff your hotel at a moment’s notice and still save money, and Hospitality Staffing Solutions obliges. We can staff your property – from a few associates to entire departments and offer open-ended contracts with no minimum hours required.


Hoteliers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and require more access to information than before. HSS’ Front to back office Integration is supported by Avionte, a software company focused on efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Its robust functionality ensures HSS can meet all customer and employee needs throughout both the customer and employee life cycle.

As an innovative leader, HSS offers a suite of web products which provide our customers with access to customized business review reporting. HSS’ workforce technology solution- Peoplenet ensures accurate electronic time capture and real-time access to labor reporting wage and hour compliance.