Waiters carrying plates with food, in a restaurant.

Banquet Talent

What You Need – When You Need It

Servers – Coat Check – Hosts – Food Runners
Houseman – Bartenders – Cooks – Dishwashers


HSS and Shiftgig gives you banquet talent on demand

Hospitality Staffing Solutions has been a trusted name in hospitality staffing for over 25 years. Now, we’re partnering with Shiftgig, a leading technology platform that connects businesses with reliable, high-quality workers on demand. This is an exclusive launch in the Houston area to support our clients’ needs in banquet and event staffing.

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Connect with a wider talent pool readily available for work



Access to a vetted  pool of qualified talent who are ready to work for the schedules and locations you need.



Flexibility to add talent to accommodate the ever changing needs of the banquet business


The opt-in model means our Specialists choose to work for you. Plus, our recruiting, pre-qualification and training means they’re ready for the job through:

  • Comprehensive virtual interviews and orientation
  • Mandatory background checks
  • Customizable Specialist groups
  • Training videos, quizzes, and prep materials
  • Texas Food Certification Compliant
food staff

Easy Ordering

The workflow lets you quickly request hospitality workers, with guidance on best practices to ensure they show up prepared.   HSS will also manage a waitlist with automatic replacements and back-ups to keep you prepared for unexpected changes.


Rosters & Check-ins

Your team roster includes photos and real-time geo-tracking enables us to verify where your team members are during their shift.


All-Star Rating

Mark top performers as All-Stars to keep them coming back; we’ll tailor your team over time based on your feedback.  Reliability tools and standardized attendance policies help us maintain a high-quality and reliable workforce.